Serbia has great mining potential and is attractive to investors

Mining Jan Lundin

Mining is one of the branches of industry that will develop most in Serbia in the coming years because the country has great mining potential and is very attractive for foreign investments, the conclusion of the fourth European Mining Academy in Belgrade, entitled “Mining for Generations”.

“Today we are talking about cooperation between Serbia, not only with Sweden but also with the entire European Union, precisely because we feel that Serbia is part of the answer to the question of where Europe will continue to take its supplies in the meantime while creating great economic potential in this country. Many jobs will open in both Europe and Serbia precisely because Serbia is on the right track in the mining sector,” said Ambassador of Sweden to Serbia, H.E. Jan Lundin. He added that European industry needs ore from Serbia, such as lithium supplies, and what is the future for the automotive industry in Europe.

Peter Handley , European Commission
Peter Handley, European Commission

That Serbia is rich in mining sites and as such attractive to investors, have been confirmed by State Secretary in the Ministry of Mining and Energetic Stevica Deđanski. He said that from 2004 to 2018, almost EUR 1 billion was invested in mining operations in Serbia.

“We are recognised as a country in which to invest. At the summit in Toronto, Serbia was seen as the fourth largest potential in Europe by the speed of licenses issued and the duration of the procedures, “said Dejanski.

He added that foreign companies are ready to invest money and do research.

“Projects such as Jadar Rio Tinto appear happened. We also expect the jadarite or Cukaru paki mines to open in the next 3-4 years, that were developed by the Canadian company and sold to the Chinese. There is also a plan to open the mine and start exploiting copper in two years, which will be a powerful driver for the Serbian economy, especially for the region of Bor and Zajecar,” he said.

Stevica Dedjanski
Stevica Dedjanski, Ministry of Mining

In addition to numerous representatives of mining companies such as Rio Tinto, Mundoro, JK EPS, Dundee Precious, Metals, Mineco, at the mining academy were representatives of EBRD Eric Rasmussen and Peter Handley, head of the European Commission’s resource efficiency and raw materials department.

Speaking about raw materials for use in batteries, Handley said that Europe is very willing to get raw materials, especially critical raw materials for batteries from Serbia. “Many projects are currently in progress, among others, the construction of battery factories. We will need several huge factories within Europe, “he said, adding that this initiative confirms that Europe is ready to invest in Serbia.

The Government Office of Sweden organised the conference, Swedish Embassies in Belgrade and Business Sweden, together with the partners of the Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia, the Finnish Embassy, ​​the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the European Mining Industry.