Friday, September 21, 2018

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National Day Of Sweden Celebrated In Belgrade

“We need a stable and safe world of mutual understanding and cooperation”.

Public Procurement – Nordic Experience Forum

"Our greatest expectations from the new law on public procurement is to apply the criterion of the most cost-effective economic offer because we consider it to be much better than the current criterion of the lowest prices. In the long run, it can lead to greater efficiency and higher savings in the public sector"

IWC Monthly Coffee Morning

The traditional International Women's Club (IWC) monthly Coffee Morning took place at the Residence of the Ambassador of Sweden this April.

Nordic Day

Ambassadors of the Nordic countries in Serbia have hosted a reception at the Norwegian residence on the occasion of marking the Nordic Day

56th Nordic Day

The Nordic ambassadors to Serbia organised a reception at the Norwegian residence to celebrate Nordic Day.

#WikiGap Belgrade Cocktail

Deputy Ambassador of Sweden to Serbia Joachim Waern addressed guests at the cocktail following the editorial marathon #WikiGap

#WikiGap Belgrade For Global Gender Equality On The Internet

The editorial marathon #WikiGap on the theme "Women – Shadow Leaders" was held in Belgrade as part of a global campaign for gender equality on the Internet organised by the Swedish Embassy and Wikimedia Serbia

#WikiGap Belgrade For Global Gender Equality On The Internet

The editorial marathon #WikiGap on the theme "Women – Shadow Leaders" was held in Belgrade


2016 Highlights – 2017 Expectations

In our now traditional survey, CorD ends each year by posing questions to ambassadors accredited in Serbia that relate to the year that is coming to an end and their expectations for the year ahead


Lasting Impressions 2017

There were plenty of events in 2017 to raise the eyebrows or cause the heart to skip a beat

EUNIC Serbia General Assembly

The General Assembly of EUNIC Serbia (European National Institutes of Culture in Serbia) convened on 12th December on the premises of Goethe-Institut Belgrade to...

Centenary Of Diplomatic Relations Between Sweden And Serbia

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishing of formal diplomatic relations between Sweden and Serbia, the Embassy of Sweden to Serbia organised a...

Swedish Cult Films Spirit Of The Times

“This film show is the crown of the series of events dedicated to commemorating the centenary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Serbia,” said Deputy...

Internet Impact On The Media In Serbia And Sweden

The Embassy of Sweden organised the Dialogue Club “On the media, responsibilities, new generations and activism”, in cooperation with Creative Mentoring, to mark the...

Partners Nordic Countries 2017

Unity and economic success, a model for the Western Balkans

H.E. Jan Lundin, Ambassador Of Sweden:

The Importance Of Being A “Front Runner”

The signal provided by the European Commission declaring Serbia and Montenegro as the "Front Runners" in a Balkan EU-integration context will serve to accelerate the arrival of foreign investment in Serbia, as well as integrating the country into global trade patterns – Jan Lundin

Autumn ‘Mingling’ Reception With Ambassador Lundin

Traditional Autumn kick-off and mingle cocktail reception for friends and members of the Nordic Business Alliance

NJ. E. gospodin Jan Lundin, Ambasador Švedske

Kako je Ikea postala simbol promena u Srbiji

Švedskoj se dopada to što je Srbija, baš kao i Švedska, odabrala sličan put kada je reč o politici bezbednosti – da pokušava da bude van vojnih blokova, dok je podjednako spremna i na saradnju sa drugim zemljama, u oblastima gde je to moguće. Švedska vidi Srbiju kao veoma odgovornog člana međunarodne zajednice i porodice EU i smatra da ona ima ključnu ulogu kada se govori o bezbednosti i stabilnosti na Zapadnom Balkanu