Addiko Bank Values Women

Addiko Bank

The fact that women occupy leadership positions at Addiko Bank point to its egalitarian working environment, where promoting equal opportunities includes encouraging diversity, fair selection processes, mentoring programmes and policies that support a balanced working and private life

Ivana Bogdanović, Addiko Bank, Marketing & Communications Director

Women are More Skilled With Words

When you work in communications, it is essential to master them. Understanding your interlocutor or client, being able to convey a message in the right way, but also to listen, is highly valued today. Women have always been skilled...

Vanja Vuletić, Addiko Bank, Retail and Digital Banking Sector Executive Director

Equal Opportunity Initiatives

At Addiko Bank, we witness significant engagement of women at all levels. These efforts not only promote gender equality but also create a richer working environment through diverse perspectives and skills. In practice, this means that women take active...

Marija Mijatović, Addiko Bank, HR and Organisation Department Director

Fully Supporting Female Entrepreneurship

Providing equal opportunities to everyone, continuously empowering women and ensuring a balanced ratio between private and work life are all among our priorities. Alongside our long-term diversity and inclusion strategies, which have clear goals and actions, Addiko Bank also...

Sanja Matović, Addiko Bank, Product and Client Relationship Management Department Director

Soft Skills are Important in Banking

Adaptability to rapid changes is a vital quality in modern banking, as is constantly monitoring trends, listening to the needs of clients and creating new products and features in accordance with that. That’s also why creativity and insight are...

Marija Pankov, Addiko bank, Risk Control Department Director

Women only Need To Receive an Opportunity

Women remain insufficiently included in certain lines of work, but that fortunately doesn’t apply to the banking sector, which believes that employees should be promoted in accordance with their results. Women often don’t receive opportunities to advance – not...