Vasilis Panagopoulos, CEO Jugopetrol AD, Eko Petrol Stations

Responsibility Towards The Community Is Our Response To The Crisis

Over the last four years, Jugopetrol AD has invested major resources in the modernisation and expansion of its business network. Responding to the question of whether that effort has paid dividends, CEO Vassilis Panagopoulos says it is a strategic priority of the company

The modernisation and expansion of our business network has been, and remains, our priority, as our goal is to provide high-quality products and modern services to all citizens,” says our interlocutor.

“The reconstruction project is nearly coming to an end. Some 42 of the 44 EKO petrol stations have been renovated and were constructed in accordance with the latest technological, safety and environmental standards, adapted to the needs and requirements of our consumers. We are particularly proud that our EKO petrol stations are present in every municipality in Montenegro, and we have worked strategically on this project in multiple locations, from the north to the south and the central region of the country.”

The modernisation and expansion of our business network has been, and remains, our priority, as our goal is to provide high-quality products and modern services to all citizens

How do you consider the overall business climate and the support provided to companies by the Montenegrin government?

-The overall business climate has been marked by the world crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, for the second consecutive year, this is a reality that has greatly impacted the way business is done. During the pandemic year of 2020, the Montenegrin economy recorded losses of 15 per cent. One bright spot in the business climate has been the Montenegrin government’s maximum readiness to assist in the survival, stabilisation and recovery of the economy. With joint involvement and effort, we can achieve the economic growth rate projected for this year by the IMF, which would be among the highest in Europe.

What are your expectations when it comes to the Montenegrin economy rebounding and your company’s business prospects in 2022?

– We are all hopeful that the optimistic projections of the World Bank, IMF and the government will achieve fruition. This year’s successful tourist season, which exceeded everyone’s expectations, is a great indicator of that. The complete recovery of Montenegro’s economy is an important prerequisite for our company’s continued successful operation and growth. Jugopetrol, EKO petrol stations, as a socially responsible company, will always strive – through our operations and policies – to minimise any possible negative global effects on our market. We will strive to remain stable in our operations and reach all our business and social responsibility goals.

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