Zdravko Dragaš B.Sc. Engineer, Executive Director Of Cema d.o.o.

From Ideas to the Roof

Zdravko Dragaš Cema d.o.o.

Podgorica-based CEMA d.o.o. is a construction company that has been engaged for a long time on the development of internal architecture projects, landscaping, designing internal water supply and sewage installations and building architecture, says CEMA Executive Director Zdravko Dragaš.

Your company operates according to the turnkey system. What kind of work do you offer and carry out for your clients?

– As our name implies (C-construction, E-Electricity, M-machine engineering, A-architecture) with a staff of experienced engineers of different profiles, we are focused on providing intellectual services for the complete design and engineering of residential-business and infrastructure facilities in Montenegro.

Apart from design, we are also involved in the implementation of installation and construction works gained via the market competition of public procurement tenders and international organisations.

Who are your key partners and what projects are you working on currently?

– Our company’s key partners are state institutions within the public procurement system. We are currently cooperating in the design area with several Montenegrin municipalities and ministries.

Meanwhile, in the area of works implementation, we are cooperating, alongside municipalities, with the Ministry of Defence, UNDP Montenegro, the Pljevlja Coal Mine, Public Institution Dorms of pupils and students of Podgorica, KIC Budo Tomović, electric power transmission system Crnogorski Elektroprenosni Sistem A.D. and others.