Nordic 2018

Nordic Business Alliance & Western Balkans 2018

Marko Čadež and Safet Gërxhaliu, WB6

Western Balkan Six Chamber Investment Forum, Businesspeople Will Unify the Region

Although the establishment of the Chamber Investment Forum has shown itself to be a great move that's yielding tangible results in terms of increases level of trade and business cooperation, support from the governments of the region remains insufficient. We see one possible solution to this in the establishment of ministries for regional cooperation within each government, just as Nordic countries have regional cooperation ministers
Cord Magazine Lesson To Be Learned


Nordic Business Forum: Lesson to be Learned – Competitors and Teammates

The investment forum that brings together Nordic and Western Balkan companies will be an inspiring event and an opportunity for Serbian companies and decision makers, as well as for their regional counterparts, to use the occasion to learn how to become leaders, and how to play for the same team
Anders Christian Hougard Ambassador Denmark to Serbia

H.E. Anders Christian Hougård Ambassador Of Denmark to Serbia

Goal Worth Fighting For

It is our hope that the success stories of Danish companies operating in Serbia will persuade more of their counterparts to invest in the country. However, this is a two-way street. We would still expect Serbian central and local governments to maintain their efforts to improve the business environment, digitise services and enforce the rule of law. The list of tasks might seem long, but the end-result is worth fighting for
Pertti Juhani Ikonen Ambassador Of Finland To Serbia

H.E. Pertti Juhani Ikonen Ambassador Of Finland to Serbia

Do Just As the Nordics Do

Finnish companies have positive experiences of doing business in Serbia. However, Serbia should exert additional efforts to make the business environment more competitive, transparent and predictable
Anne Marie Brady MD Scandinavian Design Group SDG

Anne Marie Brady, MD Scandinavian Design Group (SDG)

Time to Take Responsibility

The road to a more sustainable everyday life is long and demanding. In Norway, we often talk about regulating material selection so that products are less harmful to the planet
Arne Sannes Bjornstad Ambassador Of Norway To Serbia

H.E. Arne Sannes Bjørnstad, Ambassador of Norway to Serbia

Further Attention Must Be Given to Information Security

We work with the Serbian Government to prepare legislation on information security in line with EU standards. This is probably our most important contribution. We want to be a partner in E-governance
Nataša Krejic Partner Lawyer, Sajić Law Office, Banja Luka

Nataša Krejić Partner Lawyer, Sajić Law Office, Banja Luka

Knowhow & Speed As Priorities

We place great importance on trust and the good relationships that we’ve built between ourselves and in relations with our clients, which enables us to continually advance our professional development.
Jan Lundin Ambassador Of Sweden To Serbia

H.E. Jan Lundin, Ambassador Of Sweden to Serbia

We Have Entered a More Intense Phase of Economic Relations

Apart from IKEA, which is interested in expanding its cooperation with the Serbian furniture industry, there are other Swedish companies, such as those from the mining sector, manufacturing and engineering, that are seeking business opportunities in Serbia
Zdravko Dragaš Cema d.o.o.

Zdravko Dragaš B.Sc. Engineer, Executive Director Of Cema d.o.o.

From Ideas to the Roof

Podgorica-based CEMA d.o.o. is a construction company that has been engaged for a long time on the development of internal architecture projects, landscaping, designing...

Vera Popović, Commercial Sector Director, Elixir Food

Frozen Health from Serbia

Elixir Food is one of Serbia's largest processors and exporters of frozen fruits and vegetables. Its composition includes three factories located in Serbia's most important fruit growing areas, which are known for the production of the best fruits and vegetables, thanks to their geographical position and favourable climatic conditions
Vladimir Ilic General Manager Tigar

Vladimir Ilić, General manager, Tigar A.D.

From Boots to Fashionable Opanak Shoes

Our basic principles of production and implementation growth are quantity, quality and continuity. Our comparative advantages as a manufacturer are reflected in our capacities, development capabilities and the technological conditions in which value is created

Andreja Pavlović, Executive Director of the Nordic Business Alliance

The Nordic Model Is an Inspiration for All Our Activities

The core values and vision of the Nordic Business Alliance remain intact to this day, and our agile roots allow us to go back to basics whenever necessary
Goran Vesić Ingo Nissen MPC Properties Invests 45 Million Euro in New Business Property

MPC Properties Invests 45 Million Euro in New Business Property

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, and Director of MPC Properties Ingo Nissen have laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new...
World’s Happiest People Nordic

Nordic Challenges

World’s Happiest People

Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland (collectively the Nordic countries) have a combination of high living standards and low income disparity that has captured the world’s attention. At a time when the growing gap between the rich and poor has become a political hot button in developed nations, the region known as Scandinavia has been cited by many scholars as a role model for economic opportunity and equality
Nordic model Embracing Globalisation Sharing Risks flags

The Nordic Model

Embracing Globalisation & Sharing Risks

The Nordic social model holds the highest level of social insurance. Its main characteristic is its universal provision nature, which is based on the principle of "citizenship". Therefore, there exists more generalised access, with lower conditionability, to the social provisions
Nordic Model Nordic Puzzle

Why Nordic Model Is Still Better Than Most?

The Nordic Puzzle

The Nordic countries have, in the last ten years, been ranked consistently as the “world’s best countries to live in”. Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland have become icons of fair societies, with both high economic productivity and an unequalled quality of life
Retrospective 2014 and 2018 Constructive Support and Solutions

Retrospective 2014/2018

Constructive Support & Solutions

The Nordic Business Alliance in Serbia has in the last four years organised an entire series of different events, exhibitions, fairs, donations and other activities that provided excellent opportunities for members to share their knowledge and experience, and to network with their counterparts and potential business partners, becoming a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences within the Nordic business community in Serbia