Tomislav Mimica, HR Director at Delta Holding

Knowledge is a Crucial Competitive Advantage on the Market

Over the quarter century of its existence, Delta Holding has grown and evolved, changing its business, adjusting to the needs of the market, setting new standards, bringing new brands, being innovative and different all the way... Still, Delta Holding has remained true to one thing - we have invested in people and knowledge, creating professionals and experts, and making leaders

For Delta, being a leader means being a team player, never settling for mediocrity, but rather always striving together for better results, higher goals and achievements.

Such an approach to business means that we need to have people who are ready for constant changes and improvement. These are people who are hungry for knowledge and improvement, who are talented, selfless and team-orientated. That is why we launched the Young Leaders project and recently welcomed our fifth generation of new young colleagues.

A total of more than 14,000 candidates applied for this job opportunity, which was only promoted online. A hundred of them had the chance to gain work experience in Delta’s business system. To become part of the programme, candidates need to go through four rounds of the selection process: online application, English language test, test of general knowledge and logic, interview and group assessment. This process takes a few months, because we do not rely only on academic achievements and grades, but rather, using our own tools, we set out to select those candidates that can realise their full potential in our environment. It is not that we underestimate formal education, but grades are not our key criterion. Our applicants are the best students, but we select only those with certain qualities that fit into Delta’s business philosophy.

Delta is well known for its major investments in agriculture, real estate and technology, but our most valuable investment is in people

In the course of this one-year programme, new employees change three different jobs in various Delta member companies, thereby gaining a fuller insight into the company’s operations. Delta is one great school, and we believe that you can learn the most through work. Naturally, during each rotation, our more experienced colleagues provide support to young leaders as their mentors.

Delta believes in young people and offers them a chance. The development of individual careers always means the development of the company as well. An employee who feels that their career is evolving and progressing will give their maximum effort in the workplace.

Delta is well known for its major investments in agriculture, real estate and technology, but our most valuable investment is in people. We invest in people, because only they can apply new technology and manage real estate and land, in order to generate profit and improve the environment in which we live and work. Our lasting success is not accidental, therefore each day we learn and live by the old saying: “The more you know, the more you are worth”.  

Knowledge is a crucial competitive advantage on the market. Just as those who make a break in their business begin to fall, similarly those who stop with their professional development are no longer top professionals in their field.

In order to be a leader in your business, you must have leaders, and we do have them: we hire them and then we build, develop, and support them until they are completely independent and able to help in the development of new colleagues. It is a cyclical process that ensures sustainability and fosters a culture of support and knowledge sharing, and that is the path that we will continue to tread.