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lina Yachts is poised to redefine the luxury yachting experience in Serbia, introducing Sunreef Yachts’ exceptional craftsmanship, bespoke designs and commitment to sustainability.

Alina Yachts’ founders Alex Alpert and Nina Peličić have a remarkable background in building successful technology companies. Drawing from their entrepreneurial spirit, they are now poised to make a lasting impact on the yachting market. By joining forces with Sunreef Yachts, a renowned pioneer in luxury catamaran manufacturing, Alina Yachts is set to introduce Serbia to an unrivalled level of customised luxury experiences.

“The demand for luxury products in Serbia has witnessed tremendous growth, and this presents the perfect opportunity to introduce Sunreef Yachts to the Balkans. Having grown up surrounded by water, I recognised a need for a truly tailor-made luxury experience. Sunreef Yachts, with its combination of opulence and custom designs, allows individuals to spend more time on the water and create their dream homes,” says Alina Yachts MD Nina Peličić, expressing her excitement about the new venture.

By joining forces with Sunreef Yachts, renowned pioneers in luxury catamaran manufacturing, Alina Yachts is set to introduce Serbia to an unrivalled level of customised luxury experiences

Sunreef Yachts is known for its commitment to sustainable eco-innovation, leading the charge to revolutionise the yachting industry, stressed Alex Alpert, stating, “living on the water provides a sense of freedom that only the ocean can deliver. It is our responsibility to protect this invaluable resource that we hold so dear. At Alina Yachts, our mission is to help people live symbiotically with the ocean, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same incredible experiences that we treasure and share.”

With their exceptional design, Sunreef Yachts offer a variety of layout possibilities, cabin arrangements, generous living areas and expansive deck spaces, catering to those seeking extended cruising, liveaboard lifestyles and memorable guest experiences. The reduced hydrodynamic drag of these catamarans enhances speed, fuel efficiency and stability, setting them apart from traditional monohull boats. Moreover, the growing popularity of catamarans on the charter market makes them an enticing investment opportunity, with owners anticipating an impressive annual return of approximately ten per cent on their investment.

With their deep understanding of the region and relentless pursuit of excellence, Alina Yachts is ready to cater to the discerning needs of Serbian yachting enthusiasts and ensure a seamless journey towards fulfilling their dreams on the water.

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