Zepter International Serbia supporting fight against COVID-19

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Zepter International Serbia is actively participating and providing support in the fight against coronavirus, and this time donated Zepter products worth EUR 17 thousand to the General Hospital “Dr Laza K. Lazarevic” in Šabac.

Aware of the difficult situation in the Republic of Serbia, Zepter International, as a socially responsible company, donated Zepter products that can be directly applied within the framework of preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as in the treatment of patients:

1. Therapy Air iOn – According to, it is the best indoor air purifier in the global market, which purifies bacteria and viruses indoors with 99.99% efficiency and contributes to strengthening the immune system with its negative ions.
Therapy Air Ion is certified to be a device that has high-performance filters that eliminate the smallest particles such as fine dust, bacteria, bugs and viruses. This has been specifically confirmed for microorganisms transmitted via the so-called droplet infection (SARS-CoV-2, ie coronavirus).

2. Bioptron – a medical device that has been a world leader in multiple therapy light therapy for years.
Bioptron is a certified, clinically tested and globally registered medical device, which effectively strengthens and optimizes the immune system, which is particularly important in the fight against bacteria and viruses.

3. Edel Wasser – the perfect water purifier with a five-stage filtration system. It removes impurities, dissolved organic and inorganic matter, chlorine and effectively eliminates pollutants from water: arsenic, cadmium, barium, selenium, radium, chromium, lead, nitrates and nitrites. This appliance provides healthy, bacteriologically and chemically pure water.

4. Tesla HyperLight Glasses – with fullerene C₆₀, designed not only to protect the eyes from harmful light sources, but also to positively affect attention, concentration and memory, and help to make the right decisions.

So far, Zepter International Serbia has donated 45,000 Euros to the health institutions of KBC “Dr Dragisa Misovic-Dedinje”, Institute for Maternal and Child Health of Serbia “Dr Vukan Cupic” and KBC “Zemun”.

Zepter International Serbia will continue to contribute to the joint fight against Covid-19 through its activities. It is an honour and an obligation for us to help Serbia in this difficult time.

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