Chinese Homemade Airbus A320 Passenger Jet

The homemade Airbus A320 jet plane made by Chinese farmer Zhu Yue is being built at an open space in Kaiyuan city, northeast China’s Liaoning province

As a plane lover since childhood, the farmer, Zhu Yue, has always wanted to have an aircraft of his own. The model is being built at a factory in an industrial park of Kaiyuan, in northeast China’s Liaoning.

Being a 1:1 scale model of an Airbus A320, it is 37.84 meters in length, 36 meters in width, and 12 meters in height. Zhu has used 40 tons of steel and spent over 800,000 RMB (about $121K) to date. The model is expected to be completed around May this year.