Srbija Kargo

Dušan Garibović, Director of Srbija Kargo (Serbia Cargo)

Dušan Garibović, Director of Srbija Kargo

We’ll Be A Regional Leader

Thanks to modern organisation and aggressive commercial policy, Srbija Kargo a.d. (Serbia Cargo JSC) is implementing an increasing number of new projects each year, thereby confirming its status as one of the region's most successful companies engaged in the rail transport of freight

Eight New Multi-System Locomotives

Serbian rail company Srbija Kargo has bought eight multi-system locomotives made by Siemens AG Austria for nearly €32 million, funded by the EBRD loan.
Dušan Garibović Srbija Kargo JSC

Dušan Garibović, General Manager, Srbija Kargo JSC

We’re Restoring Confidence In The Railways

In just six months, the new management of Srbija Kargo (Serbia Cargo), a national operator in the transport of freight by rail, has managed to reduce company’s debts, increase its volume of operatiobs and achieve good financial results without even raising prices. They have ambitious plans for this and the coming years.