Foreign Investors Council

Foreign Investors Council Serbia (FIC)

FIC Elects New Board of Directors

The Foreign Investors Council held the regular annual session of the Assembly, electing the new Board of Directors and adopting a set of important...
FIC Launches White Book 2017

FIC Launches White Book 2017

The Foreign Investors Council - FIC presented the White Book 2017 to the highest Government officials and stakeholder community. The White Book is the...

FIC Conducted 4th Visit To The EU Institutions

Foreign Investors Council conducted the 4th annual visit to the EU institutions in Brussels
15th Anniversary Of The Foreign Investors Council 2017

15th Anniversary Of The Foreign Investors Council

Foreign Investors Council in Serbia marks 15 Years of successful operations

Savet stranih investitora FIC

Prvih 15 godina promocije održivog poslovnog okruženja

Foreign Investors Council 2017

First 15 Years Promoting Sustainable Business Environment

Goran Pekez, President Of The FIC Anti-Illicit Trade Committee(JT International a.d. Senta)

Joint Engagements ToEven Better Results

Remarkable results have been achieved in combatting the grey economy. However, in order for this process to be addressed comprehensively, it is necessary to fully implement the Law on Inspection Oversight, harmonise sectoral laws with the umbrella law and ensure good inter-agency cooperation

Milica Stefanović, President Of The FIC Food & Agriculture Committee (The Coca-Cola Company-Barlan S&M d.o.o.)

Significant Progress Achieved

Major breakthroughs have been made in the previous period on complex issues, such as amending the Law on Inspection Oversight and understanding the need for amendments to the Food Safety Act

Jasmina Vignjević, President Of The FIC Digital And E-Commerce Committee(Telenor d.o.o.)

New Technologies Will Create New Business Models In Serbia

The extent to which Serbia will be a place where innovations and innovative business models develop depends greatly on an adequate legal framework

FIC Second “Dialogue For Change”

Dedicated to the tax regulation and implementation
Presentation Of Negotiating Chapter 6 2017

Presentation Of Negotiating Chapter 6

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) and the Ministry of Economy held a presentation

FIC: Working Group Formed to Implement White Book Recommendations

Working Group tasked with implementing the recommendations contained in the FIC’s “White Book” formed

FIC Presents White Book 2016

White Book 2016 presented to top officials of the Serbian Government and representatives of the stakeholder community

Yana Mikhailova, President of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC)

FIC Firmly Supports Serbia’s EU path

Our third visit to the European Commission in Brussels shows that the FIC is eager to continue the process of actively supporting Serbia’s accession negotiations, and to remain a reliable partner both to the Serbian Government and the European Union.
Aleksandar Vucic

Aleksandar Vučić, Serbian Prime Minister

We Stand Firmly On The Reform Course

The reforms started in 2014 should be completed by the end of this government’s mandate and enable Serbia to become an orderly democratic country, with efficient institutions, a functioning market economy and a European future
FIC September Cocktail Party 2016

FIC September Cocktail Party

A large number of representatives of Foreign Investors Council (FIC) member companies took the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas in the exclusive atmosphere of the White Palace.

FIC Networking Cocktail

20.09.2016CorD publishing company AIM celebrated this year 10th anniversary of collaboration with Foreign Investors Council (FIC) in Serbia
Yana Mikhailova

Yana Mikhailova, President of the Foreign Investors Council and Regional Director of Nestlé Adriatic

Satisfied Investors Are The Best Partners For Growth

The FIC contributes to improving the business climate in Serbia and targets working more efficiently, together with the Government, on the common goal of making Serbia the optimal investment destination, appealing both for new and existing foreign investors