Indian Contemporary Art

Indian Contemporary Art

From Imagination to Veracity

Indian contemporary art is really that which is produced by ‘new age’ painters for today’s vibrant and growing market. Renowned artists and those of the new genre paint on several themes depicting diverse cultures and societies. Paintings produced by Indian artists have moved away from being plain, beautiful and skilled, to become interesting and unusual
Contemporary Inuit Art KENOJUAK ASHEVAK

Contemporary Inuit Art: Beautiful & Tragic

Global warming is having a profound effect on the circumpolar world. Late ice formation and early melt are changing animal behaviour and ancestral travel...

Vietnam Contemporary Art

Individual Vision of Tradition

Vietnamese art reflects a mixture of influences: Vietnamese traditional art, influences from China and influence from the French during the colonial period. Just over a decade ago Vietnam opened up to the world. The international art market started to see the talents of Vietnamese artists and the variety of styles in Vietnamese paintings. Demand for Vietnamese art is increasing rapidly, especially in France and other countries in Europe
‘Salvator Mundi’ Sold For $450mln

‘Salvator Mundi’ Sold For $450mln

‘Salvator Mundi’, the last Leonardo da Vinci painting in private hands sold for $450m after a fevered, 19-minute round of bidding at Christie’s in...