Royal Approach

Tamara Đorđević Lazić, Director, Royal Express d.o.o.

Royal Express is a relatively new company on the courier market. However, in just a few months it succeeded in achieving that which many companies try for years to achieve, and now has more than 2,000 clients and over 19 distribution centres in Serbia. Speaking to CorD, company director Tamara Đorđević Lazić explains why the courier service is still essential in the “digital era” of the 21st century.

– Benjamin Franklin once said that time is money and he was undoubtedly right. The truth is that if courier services today depended only on lovers of handwritten words or nostalgic urges to cultivate the beautiful tradition of sending letters, their existence would be absolutely unsustainable. Contemporary man has developed a need to express availability and for information and goods to travel, and in accordance with that, society is set the serious task of enabling that to happen. With this in mind, we enable clients to transport the most varied types of goods, from documents to packages of various sizes with different contents and values. Due to the expansion of internet and TV sales, as well as the demands and habits of numerous individuals and businesses, our target group is diverse in all parameters.

We are proud to state that we achieved tremendous success in just a few months. With 19 centres in Serbia, we have realized optimal coverage of the region. We have signed over 2,000 contracts with clients, have over 320 employees and have implemented the latest technology and methodology. On a weekly basis, we accept and deliver more than 50,000 items. We are in the process of obtaining the ISO: 9001 Certificate, while we’ve enabled our employees to participate in a number of training courses aimed at improving their abilities and developing a range of business, communication and strategic skills. When it comes to the slogan “More than speed!”, our clients often add “More than service!”. Testifying to everything I’ve said is the fact is that we have been nominated by the prestigious “Belgrade Victor” event for a prize in the “Rising Brand” category.

We have over 260 new vehicles that have undergone all necessary controls and we strictly obey all rules and safety regulations

One of the key global issues on many fronts today is security. How do you ensure security in this segment of the business you deal with?

– Security is one of the basic postulates of our operations. We have over 260 new vehicles that have undergone all the necessary controls. We strictly obey all rules and safety regulations. Care for the environment is extremely important to us. We have an impressive number of vehicles running on methane, and this number is continuing to grow. During the next year, we are also planning to gain the Standard ISO: 14001 Certificate, which relates to environmental protection.

It is interesting that the company name contains the word “Royal”. What is its meaning from the perspective of your business?

– Everything that includes the epithet “Royal” in the title represents a commitment to a “royal approach”, a clear vision, optimal service and originality that gradually, but inevitably, ensures positioning at the very top of the market. This type of responsibility is the spiritus movens for developing companies that are striving to be recognisable for the quality of all the services they provide. Our company is no exception. From the very beginning, we knew what we wanted to offer our clients, and that has never, for even a moment, been below the criteria thinks us to “royal”. Being recognisable means having an enviable advantage. Our logo, slogan and vehicles distinguish themselves among the competition, and our couriers are truly the best ambassadors of our business mission.