T & L 2017

Transportation & Logistics Management 2017

Miodrag Poledica

Miodrag Poledica, Secretary of State, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Great Potential To Further Develop Logistics

We have started and are planning significant infrastructure projects in all transport sectors, which will make Serbia a regional transit hub and attract investors in logistics

Darko Babić, General Manager DHL Express

Company For The World

Our customers need efficiency and cost control, incorporated with excellent quality of service

Dragana Škrbić, Supply Chain Director at NELT Group

Logistics Of The Future

“The most important decision for the future is to constantly employ talented people and continuously educate our employees,” says Dragana Škrbić, supply chain director at NELT Group, speaking to CorD

Nenad Zdravković, Director of Sales and Business Development at Milšped

Logistics Move Life And Connect People

“Milsped’s example is one of many, with presence in each of regional countries and opportunity to extend market without intermission of politics on defined business activities and future plans,” says Nenad Zdravković, Director of Sales and Business Development at Milšped, speaking in this interview for CorD

Aleksandar Milin, General Manager at Express Cargo

Pioneers Of Critical Express

This master of agricultural engineering, top man at a transport company specialised in delivering sensitive shipments, pioneer of dry ice transportation, owner of a distillery and co-owner of a restaurant, considers that work must have various forms in order for life to be high quality

Tamara Đorđević Lazić, Director, Royal Express d.o.o.

Royal Approach

“Our logo, slogan and vehicles distinguish themselves among the competition, and our couriers are truly the best ambassadors of our business mission,” notes with pride Tamara Đorđević Lazić, Director of ROYAL EXPRESS
Transportation & Logistics 2017

Transportation & Logistics 2017

Opportunities and risks in current confrontation of immense changes

Slavoljub Jevtić, President of the National Association of Freight Forwarders and Agents Transport i Logistika

The Right Place For Accurate And Reliable Advice

Members of the National Association cover more than two thirds of Serbia’s foreign trade in the field of transport and customs operations. Thanks to the association’s professional support and useful advice, its membership is constantly growing

Dejan Tubić, Director, Holleman Transport

Certain, Undamaged And – On Time

Permits are obtained twice as fast, while the work of the Interior Ministry, Traffic Police Authority and other institutions has visibly improved, which eases our work

Lachezar Veselinov Rubchev, Director, GEFCO

Strong Expertise Combined With Highest Standards

The Serbian economy’s development is one of the most dynamic in the region. The Serbian market is being boosted every day, with new manufacturers locating their facilities in the country
Ivo Modić

Ivo Modić, Deputy CEO, Express Trans

Aim – The Whole of Europe

Express Trans is working on the development of a new information system and digital services that will provide clients with a completely new experience when it comes to the goods transport sector


Specific Solutions For Every Client

The Integrated Log Space and S.P.O.T. system enable a full overview of the flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain process for each client individually
Zoran Popovic

Zoran Popović, General Manager, Centrosinergija

We Strive For Organisational And Operational Excellence

Over five years Centrosinergija has grown into a recognised distribution company that employs six hundred staff and supplies over 16,000 retailers in Serbia. Its dedicated work has received coveted recognition

Ivan Milićević, Nelt LSP Operations and Development Manager

We Can Meet The Client’s Most Demanding Requests

With a new set of logistics services, launched by activating the intermodal terminal, Nelt provides faster and safer transportation services and enable its clients to reduce their logistical costs

Nikola Jevtić, Managing Director, Alti Logistika

Logistics Of Success

Just as every successful start is based on good preparations and a realistic business plan, so Alta Logistika - through market analysis, budget availability, cash flow projections and lots of enthusiasm and energy – has reached more than 300 satisfied clients in just the 16 months that we have so far been present on the market