What these 3 big companies pay in taxes?

Telekom Serbia Paid 8.9 bln Dinars in tax

During the last few days, Telekom Serbia has paid 8.9 billion Dinars worth of tax into the Serbian state budget.

During August, EPS is supposed to pay at least 5.5 billion Dinars in tax too, considering that the company’s last year profit was 11 billion Dinars. EPS also paid an additional billion Dinars into the budget for the purpose of settling its liabilities towards the Paris Club (of creditors).

The total profit of Elektromreža Srbije stands at around 2.8 billion Dinars and it is up to the Serbian government to determine how much of that money will end up in the Serbian state budget.

The financial situation in the Serbian public enterprises changed significantly last year because, after years of recording losses, they finally started to generate profit. The cumulative net profit of 485 public enterprises stood at 8.3 billion Dinars while their liabilities amounted to 44 billion last year.