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Telekom Serbia supports women’s entrepreneurship and activism

Telekom Srbija has launched a new project called "UdruŽene" to support women entrepreneurship, as well as affirmation and empowerment of women for their active...

Sberbank Srbija and Telekom Srbija sign a MOC

On the occasion of the visit of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, Sberbank Srbija and Telekom Srbija signed a memorandum of cooperation. This memorandum was...

Telekom Srbija Start-Up Programme

mts start-up accelerator – third cycle of the programme for techno-entrepreneurs up to 3 teams from the Start-Up Academy will be supported for...

Telekom Serbia sign the Agreement on conditions for voluntary departure of...

An agreement has been reached between the management and representative trade unions of Telekom Srbija to implement the Project of Organizational Transformation of Telekom...

Telekom Srbija acquires cable operator Kopernikus Technology

The first announced acquisition of Telekom Srbija, the largest telco operator in Serbia. The largest telecommunication company in Serbia, Telekom Srbija, officially became the 100%...

Telekom Serbia launches young developers

Telekom Srbija has launched a new cycle of mts app competition aimed at talented secondary school students within specialised departments in mathematics, computer science...

New Telekom Platform For Protection Of Underground Installations

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić attended the opening of a new platform based on LoRa WAN technology at Telekom Srbija. The platform enables the connection and...

Telekom Srbija – Platform to Develop IoT Services Presented

Telekom Srbija has become the first operator in the region and the fiftieth worldwide to present the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure intended for solutions applicable to the Internet of Things (IoT) – the LoRa network.

mts Business Centre Opened In Novi Sad

Telekom Srbija opened a modern "hub" for business users mts Business Center in Novi Sad, Bulevar oslobođenja 82. Newly opened space, besides telecommunication and...
Predrag Culibrk

Predrag Ćulibrk, Telekom Srbija CEO: Continuous Investment & Infrastructure Improvement

Conditions For Stable Growth

Telekom Srbija is a natural partner of state institutions in the digital transformation process, as it is a simultaneously a reliable partner of the entire economy. The company primarily possesses the necessary expertise and provides very palpable services that are the very basis of the digital economy

First State Data Centre Opens

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić ceremoniously opened the first State Data Centre on 12th December, in the presence of Mihailo Jovanović, Director of the...

e-Business – The Only Cure For Bureaucracy

In a country where a medium-sized bank prints 11 million papers a year, a retail chain spends €150,000 on storing documents, shelves in state institutions reach into dozens of kilometres, and ordinary people have to show pay slips at official counters to prove that they have paid the fee, the only way out of bureaucracy is the development of e-business

Telekom Srbija Wins CSR Award

The awarding of the “Business Partner” regional award has been traditionally organised for the last 23 years


Gathering of operators of telecommunications services in the region
Telekom Serbia Awards Entrepreneurial Teams 2017

Telekom Serbia Awards Entrepreneurial Teams

28.3.2017“mts start-up accelerator” programme supports entrepreneurial teams
Virtus Award for Philanthropy Presented 2017

Virtus Award for Philanthropy Presented

Philanthropy award to companies, SMEs and individuals who supported non-profit activities or organisations for the common good

Best Application On The 6th mts App Contest

Team Nevermore from Belgrade’s Computer Gymnasium awarded

Telekom Srbija Recognises Biggest Business Partners

End of the year recognitions to the biggest partners