Konstruktor Group Celebrates Successful Business Year

For almost 14 years of operation, Konstruktor group left its signature on more than 200 buildings, with more than 500.000 sqm.

Previous business year 2017 was the most successful for Konstruktor. Konstruktor’s role was recognized as remarkably competitive in Serbia and the region, with the business portfolio and the number of companies in the Group expanded and  numerous in-house solutions implemented, dominantly projects with modern design & build approach.

Konstruktor continuance is feasible owing to extraordinary cooperation with investors, subcontractors, suppliers, and non than less excellent Konstruktor Team, including over 50 engineers of all profiles, i.e. directly and indirectly over 500 employees on all construction sites.

Each and every success should be celebrated in adequate matter. Konstruktor group invited all of its guests-friends to Hyatt regency hotel in Belgrade, where on January 17th, 2018, a celebration for over 250 guests was organized. Impressions of successful business year with friends-business associates were exchanged in pleasant atmosphere, plans for further development of the company were presented and re-gathering scheduled, on the same occasion, for coming year.