KAKTUS 2016 Awards

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Marketing Network awarded last night organizations, companies, institutions and agencies for the best, the most professional and individual integrated campaigns on the second consecutive National Festival of integrated communications KAKTUS 2016. 135 projects competed for the awards this year.

Campaign #CrazyEnoughToChangeTheWorld by agencies No Ordinary Agency won the award in the category Innovative integrated campaigns, as well as the Grand Prix – Integrated campaign year. McCann Belgrade for the second time in a row, won the Agency of the Year award, while the company Strauss Adriatic declared as the Advertiser of the year.


Campaign Dobro jutro Džezveri by agency Leo Burnett and company Strauss Adriatic has won awards in the categories of individual works – TV and Radio. The agency also won the award in the category Event for the Jelen unfiltered beer of Apatin Brewery.

In the category of individual works – Print, prize went to agency Publicis Belgrade and the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia (MODS) for campaign Violence is not a game.

Best BTL campaign is Telenor Xmass 3 in 1 Credit Card by agency FCB Afirma for client Telenor bank, while the agency New Moment New Ideas Company won the award in the category Public Relations Campaign Run For Peace. The project  Fanta twisted bottle by agency Executive Group and company Coca-Cola took the victory in the category of Social Media.

McCann Beograd was awarded for two projects in the categories of Mobile for application Art – the largest virtual exhibition of all time, and in the category of profit integrated campaign for Lav popcorn for Carlsberg Serbia.

This year, the best viral video is Jaffa Fest signed by the agency Popular Bruketa & Žinić OM for client Jaffa Crvenka.

Awards in the categories of individual works – Content marketing and Direct marketing was won by the agency Pioniri Communications for the campaign IDEA – Fruits and Vegetables  for client Mercator S, and New Year’s gift who traveled a year for client Findomestic Bank.

Homepage agency and NVO Just Out were awarded in the category of Digital Campaign #JustOut # Manasija2015, while agency Ovation BBDO  was given the award for the Best Outdoor Campaign What hurts? made for the company Pharma Swiss.

Members of the jury awarded agencies Direct Media, Fusion Communications and the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer for the I fight in the category of non-profit integrated campaign.

This year’s Best Inbound integrated campaign is the Eurobank campaign and agencies Represent Communications Manchester in Belgrade.

The second national annual awards KAKTUS 2016 attracted great interest among agencies and companies from Serbia. For the awards, which are awarded in 21 categories, competed 37 agencies and more than 40 advertisers.

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