Dragana Marković, Director of Republic of Serbia’s Tax Administration:

We Should All Fight Against Grey Economy

NALED has recognized the Tax Administration as one of the institutions crucial for the successful implementation of the National Programme for Shadow Economy and for improving Serbia’s ranking on the Doing Business list

The shadow economy is a problem for the whole society, not only for the Tax Administration and other state bodies. However, combatting the shadow economy is one of the Tax Administration’s priorities. There is no security or future in shadow economy, as it only benefits individuals who are working to the detriment of everyone who funded from the state budget, including Serbian citizens.

Hence, we have to join forces to actively get involved in fighting the shadow economy, each in our respective fields. Educating taxpayers, promoting the necessity of financial discipline and raising the tax-paying culture while, at the same time, increasing the awareness of our citizens about the importance of paying taxes and adhering to regulation, are all important aspects of this fight.

The Tax Administration has been regularly communicating with NALED and numerous professional associations. Such meetings are contributing to better understanding of tax regulation and improving mutual communication while focusing on the most important issues in this field

NALED’s contribution to combatting the shadow economy is especially important because of their local presence where the problems and the effect of the state’s anti-shadow economy measures are the most visible.