Marina Grihović, General Manager Of PR Agency Headline & Partner At Digital Communications Agency Dkit

More Creativity With More Modest Resources

Competition is fierce, budgets are small, and all agencies are fighting for their survival by offering some corporate advantage. In such circumstances, it is imperative to find time for creativity and to take advantage of all the communication channels offered to us

Marina Grihović, General Manager Of PR Agency Headline & Partner

In the eight years, it has been present on the market, Headline has managed to attract clients among large multinationals, local companies and domestic and foreign institutions. We build our success on the premise that we do not only offer clients expert assistance in the field of communications, but rather a primarily friendly approach and readiness to assist in resolving all the dilemmas they face, says Marina Grihović, General Manager of PR agency Headline and partner at digital communications agency Dkit.

How do you envisage the business climate for the functioning of agencies in 2016?

– The first part of the year ahead will be marked by-elections and that will have a major impact on activities in the field of communications. Although major changes are not expected – based on the experience of previous election cycles – some companies are retreating and waiting until this process has been completed, while some continue to communicate according to the timeline established for 2016. This applies primarily to multinational companies. And when it comes to agencies, they will have to adapt to both social trends and the business plans of their clients.

The fact is that we are increasingly discussing budgets and the allocating of ever less money for promotional activities, and the fact that we will have to adjust and save even more during 2016. However, through new channels and the synergy of activities, we are also trying to convince clients that we are indispensable to them and that we impact their business success and results. To conclude – the business climate is not good, but that is just one more business challenges. The most important thing for Headline is to preserve the quality of services and – by following trends in this area – offer good communication through new channels.

During 2016 we will have to adjust and save even more, but also to try – through new channels and the synergy of activities – to convince clients that we are indispensable to them

What do you consider as being the “golden rules” of market communication?

– Be clear, be honest and be consistent. It is important to add to these familiar rules that which is brought by the technological revolution that we are all witnessing – the need to monitor and adjust to developments in the world of communications.

I personally think that the essence of everything is good news – that’s how it was a hundred years ago and it is the same now. What has changed and is one more golden rule is the speed at which we now release news into the ether. With a good selection of channels, we can achieve whatever we want.

What are the current issues of the profession and the future challenges that will have to be faced by local agencies in the fields of marketing communications and public relations?

– I won’t be saying anything new if I emphasise that it is necessary to define the rules of the game within our profession. A shift in the last year or two can also be seen among some enthusiasts from PR companies who are really launching initiatives that should help us in this.

Competition is fierce, budgets are small, and we are all fighting for our survival by offering some corporate advantage. As such, I think the second current question is how to allocate and find time for creativity.

How do your activities differ from those of your competitors and what makes you stand out on the market?

– Headline has already been present on this market for eight years and it collaborates with large multinational companies, local enterprises and domestic and foreign institutions in Belgrade and beyond. Our clients know that they do not only have communications experts, but also friends who are always there to help and resolve the business dilemmas they face constantly.

What sets us apart are, first and foremost, people – wonderful colleagues dedicated to their job, but also to good socialising. Without them, this story would not have lasted almost a decade. The second factor is our dear colleagues from other agencies and the desire we share to exchange experiences and knowledge and to raise our whole communication story to a higher professional level.