Communications 2016

Dominic Lyle, Director General, European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA)

An Ever Faster World

In times of abundance, consumers want even faster gratification, through the means of novel real-time products, services and experiences. Agencies that are still focused on the TV centric world need to reconstruct fast and find the talent required to turn big data into creative campaigns

Lea Stanković, Digital Creative Manager at Communis DDB

Short, Powerful Messages Needed

More and more clients are talking about their return on investment in advertising. We at Communis use the same shortcut for relevance, originality and impact, as our base approach in creating successful marketing communication

Jovan Stojanović, Managing Director at Direct Media

New Tools For Successful Campaigns

Everywhere in the world, and especially on our market, marketing is facing pressure to rationalise budgets and secure the greatest possible return on investment. In such conditions, our experience is that the best results are achieved through a sophisticated combination of Science and Art in the dimensions of advertising

Nataša Pavlović Bujas, Founder & Managing Director at Blumen Group

Low Budgets and (too) High Expectations

A challenge, again, in the coming year will be the (mostly) unrealistic expectations of clients that it is possible to achieve excellent results with minimal budgets, as well as an most common expectation that a company can develop itself thanks to increasing sales rather than investing in education and training!

Milena Avramović-Bjelica, Executive Director, Chapter 4 Communications Consulting

Extremely Exciting Communication in 2016

It becomes increasingly difficult year after year to predict the trends and what awaits us in the year ahead. The reason for this lies primarily in the rapid development of technology that results in changes in how businesses operate, as well impacting on the evolution of our industry – public relations
Nevena Kurtovic

Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director at Fusion Communications

Time to Create New, Fresh and Bold Ideas

Knowledge, hard work and dedication are the universal answers to the challenges of this industry, in which new trends – and the speed at which they change – represent a test for all of us

Tijana Škorić Tomić, Executive Director At I&F McCann Grupa

Communications Industry As A Driving Force

Despite the expectation of even lower advertising budgets in 2016, I&F McCann Grupa expects a successful year, because it manages to offer clients a unique quality of service on eight markets in SEE

Marina Grihović, General Manager Of PR Agency Headline & Partner At Digital Communications Agency Dkit

More Creativity With More Modest Resources

Competition is fierce, budgets are small, and all agencies are fighting for their survival by offering some corporate advantage. In such circumstances, it is imperative to find time for creativity and to take advantage of all the communication channels offered to us

Vera Lloyd-Thomas, Owner Of Kreativa New Formula

Customer Experience Strategist Hybrid Thinking – Key To Success

The final destination of our clients’ business is growth achieved in a profitable way. Our agency exists to provide the shortest, and preferably most remarkable, journey to that destination

Miro Antić, Partner And Co-Founder, M2 communications

New Challenges – New Market

It is unlikely that the domestic market will recover financially this year. In these conditions, the boldest agencies will turn towards the global market the fastest, with a fully integrated approach and the strategic management of talent

Branka Conić, PR Director At Agency New Moment

Pr As A Means Of Creating A More Humane Society

Although we live in the digital era, it has never been more important to show a human face, empathy and honesty, which creates the space for the media and the public to respond in kind. “Good” companies will have a better reputation than those that are “successful”, while only those that are good will be successful

Marko Pešić, Client Service Director, OvationBBDO

Golden Rule Of Communications: Reject Golden Rules!

If we want our clients and brands to be able to move ahead of the competition, we need supply diversification, which is proof that “golden rules” should be rejected

Danijela Popović Jurić, GM & Owner, Red Communication

Think Pink And – Red

Continuous improvement is the best way to deal with the challenges of digitisation and the constant economic crisis that makes it even more difficult for us to follow world trends. Adaptation to change will define our future success

Mirko Mandić, Managing Director And Co-Founder Of SVA

How To Catch And Keep Consumer Attention

The biggest challenge is how to apply the golden rule – be in context, be relevant and be loved – in this time of the atomised attention of consumers. The Serbian market is very late in implementing new approaches, such as social listening and brand intelligence

Tijana Adamov, Managing Director, Scholz & Friends Belgrade

Creativity Moves the World

Communication channels will differ and there will be new ones, but the branding process and good ideas will always be crucial. A good tune sounds good on any instrument

Natalija Racković, General Manager at V+O Communication Serbia

In Our Desire for Uniqueness We Must Not Forget the Essence

Today both clients and agencies are striving to be special and different, and in that pursuit they often forget the essence – why consumers and partners love and value them. We believe in the principles of ethics and creativity and communicating essential messages