IWC Hosts Charity Bazaar 2019

IWC Charity Bazaar 2019

More than two thousand visitors at the IWC Charity Bazaar aimed at helping the elderly

The Charity Bazaar, organised for the 18th time by the International Women’s Club, this year dedicated to supporting the elderly, raised € 25,000. This year’s Bazaar recorded around two thousand visitors.

“I am pleased that every year more and more citizens recognise the Charity Bazaar as a place they must visit. This year, we have dedicated Bazaar to helping the elderly in Serbia because we have noticed that they are underrepresented and in need of support. That is why this year we have focused on helping the elderly. They really deserve it,” said Milica Lundin, president of the International Club of Women and wife of Sweden’s Ambassador to Serbia.

She added that she is particularly pleased that 30 countries have participated in the Bazaar, offering products that are specific to the country they represent. 

The stage program at the Charity Bazaar this year brought together performers from participating countries who performed music and dance pieces. As every year, the Corner for Children was organised for the youngest visitors.

The International Women’s Club is a non-profit organisation bringing together the wives of diplomats and business people from 40 countries who are temporarily or permanently residing in Serbia. The aim of IWC is to promote cultural dialogue, goodwill, solidarity and understanding.