Ambassador Mondoloni Hosts Members of The French Community

Ambassador Mondoloni welcomed members of the French community at the New Year’s reception. 

In his speech, the Ambassador stressed that 2018 had been a good year for Franco-Serb relations, with successes that contributed to the strengthening of cooperation between two countries.

Several French ministers had visited Serbia – ministers of foreign affairs and sports, secretary of state for the armed forces – while several Serbian ministers had made visits to France – ministers of foreign affairs, regarding and technology. 

The France-Balkans business forum, held in May 2018, had been a real success in terms of the number of companies represented, while the year had been marked by the signing of major contracts and a commercial relationship that had now reached one billion euros.

The commemoration of the centenary of the end of the First World War had been an important priority, with many projects completed and visits to Belgrade by the descendants of Marshal Franchet d’Espérey and General Barrera.

“The completion of the restoration of the Monument de reconnaissance to France was the culmination of a long-standing project by our two countries,” said ambassador Mondoloni.

The ambassador presented his vision for the year 2019, evoking numerous projects and partnerships at the economic, political and cultural levels. The embassy is ready for the visit of the French President Macron to Belgrade in 2019.

This year will be marked, moreover, by the commemoration of the 180 years of the establishment of consular and diplomatic relations between France and Serbia.

The ambassador finally expressed his best wishes to the French community in Serbia for the year 2019, which was followed by the handing of the declaration of acquisition of French nationality to five people.

Photo: French Embassy