Nenad Đurđević, Sales Director Russia, SEE And Turkey, Ball Packaging

Supporting Serbia’s Trade Balance

Ball Packaging Serbia produces about 1.5 billion cans a year, of which last year 55% were exported to more than 20 markets around the world. Their packaging is 100% recyclable, an unlimited number of times and with minimal loss

Ball Packaging, the largest American greenfield investment, believes that responsibility for the future of our planet is shared equally by all actors in society – the state, individuals and companies, and that this is why establishing circularity through an efficient recycling system is their top priority.

Ball has been operating in Serbia for 17 years as the largest American greenfield investment and one of the largest exporters. What do the numbers say?

Ball Packaging is a company that currently employs a total of 500 people in Serbia, 300 workers in our production facilities and another 200 in our global business center based in Belgrade. We have also become one of the largest exporters in the country.

Belgrade has become an operational center for the entire Ball EMEA Global Business Services (GBS) team. We produce about 1.5 billion cans a year, of which 55% of our total production went to more than 20 markets worldwide over the past year. In this way, we provide enormous support to Serbia’s trade balance and the state economy. Since we opened our factory in Serbia, Ball has continued to invest continuously in production, we have expanded our production capacities, we have opened new production lines to be able to respond to market demand. In addition, we invest in the development of new technologies and in our staff, because they are our greatest asset.

In your business, you emphasize the circularity and sustainability that cans provide as packaging. Do you plan investment in new technology for this?

Ball is a company that pays special attention to investing in new technology, not only to improve our business, but because we really base our business on circularity. We produce packaging that is 100% recyclable, an unlimited number of times, with minimal losses. Currently, 76% of cans are recycled in Europe, but with new investment we want it to be 90% by 2030.

We are continuously investing in new technology that will contribute to the efficient establishment of recycling systems

That is why we are investing in new technology that will contribute to the efficient establishment of recycling systems. Also, the electricity used in our production comes from renewable sources. And that is another mechanism we are developing to ensure complete circularity of our product.

Ball has been educating the public about recycling for more than a decade. As one of the largest global manufacturers of ‘packaging of the future’, is this the best indicator that you are aware of your great responsibility?

We also believe that education and the right information for customers, consumers, is central in decision-making and responsible behavior towards the environment. That is why we are implementing several educational projects both globally and locally. We are especially proud of the Every Can Counts project, which is implemented in 20 countries around the world. Through this campaign, we raise awareness of the importance of recycling cans, especially those drinks that are consumed outside the home “on the go”. In this regard, we support festivals, various events, schools and offices in recycling their cans. We attend at least twenty events a year, some of them as big as EXIT. I would also like to single out our cooperation with educational institutions, and with our actions we have been present in about 450 schools.

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