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The United States of America

U.S. and Serbian Military Police Conduct Joint Exercise

U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) 18th Military Police (MP) Brigade conducted a bilateral exercise, „Vigilant Wolf 19,“ with the Serbian Armed Forces’ Military Police Battalion...

Investigative Journalists Awarded

The Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia-NUNS and the Embassy of the United States for the 14th time awarded investigative journalists in several categories....
“Disney” accused for underpays female employees

“Disney” accused for underpays female employees

The legal action, brought on behalf of two women, claims the company does not have an internal mechanism to ensure women are not paid...

Matthew Palmer, U.S. Department of State

United States Does Not Offer Ready-Made Solutions

The [normalisation] process and the agreement itself should be locally-owned; only in this way can it be durably implemented in both Kosovo and Serbia. United States encourages the parties to demonstrate their full ownership of the process, reduce negative rhetoric, and work together constructively toward an agreement – Matthew Palmer

Trade Facilitation Conference: Progress Report

As the largest market in the region, Serbia enjoys the most significant benefit from the reduction of trade barriers – concluded the Trade Facilitation...

AmCham and USAID: Trade Facilitation Conference – Progress Report

As the largest market in the region, Serbia enjoys the most significant benefit from the reduction of trade barriers – concluded the Trade Facilitation Conference: Progress Report, organised by AmCham and the USAID REG project in Serbia. Read more

AmCham elects new Board Directors

The American Chamber of Commerce - AmCham elected new members of the Managing Board of Directors and presented the award for excellence to geneticist...
Trump Considering Permanent Military Presence In Poland

Trump considering permanent military presence In Poland

U.S. President Donald Trump has said his administration was considering a request for a permanent U.S. military presence in Poland. Trump made the comments in...

Belgrade a Host to The Best U.S. Scientists

For the first time in Serbia and the region, an international "USA-Serbia & Western Balkan Data Science Workshop" was held in Belgrade on 26-28...

Ana Brnabić Visited The New York Stock Exchange

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić visited the New York Stock Exchange and met with President Stacey Cunningham, to whom she presented the most important results...

242nd Anniversary Of The Independence Of The USA

“Thank you all for coming here today to help us celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the independence of the United States of America,” said ambassador Scott.

Jelena Pavlović, President of AmCham, President of BoD, Philip Morris SEE

Stronger Institutions At The Core Of Reform Progress

To move forward with the reform agenda in an effective and sustainable manner, we need to strengthen the competence and efficiency of Serbian institutions. AmCham is ready and willing to partner the state in this endeavour

Kyle Scott, Ambassador of the United States of America

Sharing Past & Future

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to CorD’s publication recognizing the close ties and productive partnership between Serbia and the United States of America. Our two countries share a historical alliance, benefit from today’s productive collaboration, and I look forward to even closer ties in the future

Carolina Hidea, Economic Counsellor of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade

We Strongly Support Serbia’s Path Toward The EU

We believe that Serbia's best economic future lies with the European Union and the West. Therefore we strongly support Serbia's strategic goal of joining the EU, and we work closely with the government to help Serbia achieve its goal

Azza El-Abd, USAID’s Mission Director For Serbia

Helping Serbian Businesses To Thrive

USAID assistance during the past five years has helped Serbia adopt and implement regulations that make it easier for businesses to operate and prosper in Serbia. We intend to continue promoting this kind of initiative

Amalija Pavić, AmCham Deputy Executive Director

Good Dialogue Moves Mountains

In our 17 years of cooperation with the government, we have successfully changed over 150 regulations and processes aimed at improving the business environment. The most important factors for these successes have been the openness of the government and their constructive approach to possible solutions

Vladimir Knežević, Country Managing Director, Oracle Serbia & Montenegro

Safely Along The Path Of Digitalization

Today, more than ever before, companies depend on innovation. Depending on the company, innovation might be expressed through digital transformation, upgrades to the cloud, the move from machine yearning to machine learning, autonomous everything, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, blockchain, and many other innovative technologies. They are all recognized as top strategic CIO priorities for 2018

American-Serbian Relations in Basketball

How An American & A Serb Changed World Basketball

Belgrade will this mid-August host the international ’Basketball Without Borders’ (BWB) camp, which is traditionally organised by the World Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the American National Basketball Association (BNA), which is just one of the fruits of the joint “masterpiece” of the long-serving FIBA secretary general and NBA commissioner