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ADOC is a family business that has been supplying medicines to all healthcare institutions in the country for the last three decades, while it also holds the position of the market leader in the fields of diabetes care and laboratory diagnostics. In addition to that, ADOC also manufactures a significant number of medicines, medical devices and supplements

At ADOC they follow market trends, plan the development of products and services strategically, and expand their network of suppliers and customers. They also simultaneously work continuously on the personal and professional development of employees, which, viewed in its entirety, is obviously a good direction, considering that the company has been operating successfully for three decades already.

Can you briefly introduce your company to us?

We are a family-owned company, established in December 1990, which means that we’ve been operating on the domestic pharmaceutical market for 30 years. We deal with the import, storage and distribution of medicines and medical devices. During this period we’ve cooperated with numerous world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, such as Roche (Pharma & Diagnostics), AstraZeneca, Merck KgaA, Novo Nordisk, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, but also with domestic manufacturers, i.e. Hemofarm and Actavis. We are among the largest suppliers of medicines to all healthcare institutions in the country, and we would single out our market leader position in the fields of diabetes care and laboratory diagnostics.

ADOC is also a manufacturer of a significant number of medicines, medical devices and supplements, including some brands that are very well represented on the domestic market.

By respecting every agreement and contractual obligation, we have gained enormous trust among all stakeholders

Thirty years is a long period of existing and operating successfully. How have you managed to last so long?

There are many factors that exist in the successful operation of any organisation, including ours, but I would single out two key ones: respect for agreements and constant development. ADOC’s basic principle is to respect every agreement and contractual obligation, whether that relates to orders, financial obligations, delivery, the quality of products or services etc. In this way, we’ve gained great trust among all stakeholders. On the other hand, we have always looked ahead, because we know that maintaining the existing situation isn’t possible in the long run.

How many employees does ADOC have?

At present, counting only the pharma business, we have 170 employees. However, a more important statistic is that departures from ADOC are negligible, which testifies to the fact that our employees are satisfied with the conditions and see their future at our company. In addition to the continuous development of skills and education, as well as providing all employees with opportunities to express themselves on a professional level, it is very important to have an exceptional social responsibility and care for every employee that ADOC has nurtured since its inception. In this way, we’ve created a strong and competent team of professionals who can respond to any challenge.

Is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting your operations?

This is certainly a global problem, the pandemic influences our company and the entire market generally. However, I believe we’ve responded in a timely and adequate manner at every juncture of the pandemic and events at the global and local levels. There have been various obstacles to doing business during the epidemic, from supplies and imports all the way to deliveries to end customers, but everything has been overcome successfully through joint efforts. We adopted the recommendations of the WHO and local authorities immediately and fully, including protective equipment and resources, self-isolation, shift work and remote working.

By caring for every employee we’ve created a strong and competent team of professionals who can respond to every challenge

As a large supplier of medicines and medical devices, we understood most seriously our role in ensuring the vitality and functioning of the entire health system, so there was no way we could allow any halts in operations and deliveries. Our primary goal was to keep work processes to a minimum, but we managed to maintain the full volume of operations. We are still continuously monitoring the situation in the country and the region, prepared to make a decision and adjust our operations to the given situation at any moment.

How do you manage to bring decisions under such short deadlines?

Compactness and flexibility are significant advantages for our company. The complete organisation is situated in a single location and we do everything centrally, including decision making. In that way, we are able to respond to every new situation, not only during extraordinary circumstances but also during regular operations.

Did you have to abandon some of your principles of cooperation with clients during the state of emergency?

No! There is no compromise in that. The quality of products and services, respect for deadlines and contractual obligations, and the requirements of all market participants remain ADOC’s priorities. That’s something we showed the most during the extraordinary circumstances, and we received recognition from all our clients. It wasn’t easy in the slightest during this period, but we managed to preserve the reputation that we’ve been building over the last thirty years.

To conclude, can you reveal to us your plans for the company’s future development?

Our plans certainly include expanding our distribution portfolio, but we are currently placing an emphasis on the development of our production, the market strengthening of the position of existing brands and the introducing of new quality products to the domestic market. We are also focusing on Value Added Service, in terms of co-promotions & outsourcing, market access, patient support programmes, RA support and primary & secondary packaging, where we believe we can offer a lot to our partners.

Milorada Jovanovića 11, Belgrade


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