Strong Support For Serbian Researchers

Italian Day Of Research In The World

Italian Day Of Research In The World

Bilateral scientific and technological cooperation has experienced steady and significant expansion in recent years. A total of 96 inter-university cooperation agreements have been signed to date between the two countries, to which are added the important agreements that the University of Belgrade has in place with the CNR and the INFN.

It was in 2012 that the Embassy of Italy in Belgrade and the University of Belgrade established the Association of Italian and Serbian Scientists and Scholars – AIS3, which has over recent years (through the organisation of numerous events and book publications) become a point of reference for the two countries’ research communities.

 96 inter-university cooperation agreements have been signed between the two countries

Last December saw the signing of the III Executive Programme for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, which provides funding for 12 projects aimed at promoting the mobility of researchers and seven projects of “Grande Rilevanza”, to be carried out in the three years from 2019 to 2021.

An important element in the promotion of Italian research is represented by the “Italian Research Day in the World”, which will this year see the CNR illustrate its activities in the field of information and communications technologies.