Zoran Đurić, General Manager, Miele Srbija

Products For The Future

“Miele is a company that always keeps pace with, technological advances in the area of domestic appliances, and which develop projects that are orientated towards the future,” says Zoran Đurić, general manager of MIELE Srbija, speaking to CorD

Zoran Đurić, General Manager, Miele Srbija

Miele, which manufactures products that are not only present in almost 100 world markets, but are also highly valued, has been operating in Serbia since 2009. Miele Srbija’s general manager, Zoran Đurić, explains that since there have been two showrooms in Belgrade, customers have a different experience of shopping.

– With this, opportunities on the Serbian market have also been enhanced, and customers have been provided with the opportunity to be sure of the performance of appliances on the spot, before buying. Now customers can seek advice in our specialised showrooms about which appliances will most closely match their lifestyle and needs, and the advantage of that is that they become acquainted with the Miele brand and we have the ability to provide customers with relevant information and assure them that they pay to invest in quality.

Although we are still a relatively new brand on the Serbian market, we can say that our customers recognise and value quality, which is our business goal that our expectations are also linked to, and we have been realising them in Serbia for a long time, which we are very proud of.

To what extent is the Serbian market for domestic appliances an environment in which a German company with a century-long tradition can, without a major “backlash”, make strategic long-term plans?

– MIELE has also achieved excellent sales results on the Serbian market, just like on the global market, even when compared to much larger regions and countries, which is our confirmation that this is a market that needs a brand and devices that guarantee quality, and in our country it is respectfully recognised, certainly not without reason, that German quality is a guarantee of longevity and technological innovation.

Likewise, as this year, Miele incorporates the latest technological solutions in its new series of devices, i.e. Miele@home system, which uses modern technology that “collects” all information from appliances and displays them in one place, and it is planned for this system to be fully available on our market, with all of its functions, from 2018.


When it comes to long-term plans, our team in Serbia is working on the intensive development of distribution and service networks, in order to provide our customers with even better service and to show them that we are here for them

It is also not unknown that Miele deals with innovations in order to provide an opportunity for people just starting a business to implement the results of their creative work. Is this kind of support for new ideas also applied in Serbia?

– As I have already noted, Miele is a company that always keeps pace with, technological advances in the area of domestic appliances, and which develop projects that are orientated towards the future, such as Miele@Home or Industry 4.0. The same goes for innovative business models in the field of electrical appliances for the home, business or medical sector.

It is precisely for this reason that the company founded the Miele Venture Capital GmbH branch, via which the Miele Group has the opportunity to concentrate its projects and cooperate with start-up companies, while forms of cooperation range from joint development projects or management support to direct investment.

When it comes to Serbia, it seems that the culture of establishing new businesses is still in development, thus we cannot say that we have received inquiries related to this model. We are, however, pleased to see that our country’s innovators and novices in business are increasingly courageous, so we are hopeful that in the future some innovative solutions for Miele devices will come from our country.