Germany 2017

Germany – Partners 2017


H.E. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador To Serbia

EU Won’t Import Unresolved Conflicts

Comprehensive normalisation (between Serbia and Kosovo) implies that both sides will not undertake actions which might stop or seriously hinder the development of the other. For the development of Kosovo and the region it will be important for it to gradually join international organisations – Axel Dittmann
Minister Zoran Djordjević

Zoran Đorđević, Minister Of Labour, Employment, Veteran And Social Affairs

Winning Combination For Employees And Employers

The economy and education have finally come together and now education profiles in schools are created systematically so that they suit the needs of the labour market and the country’s economy
Martin Knapp German-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce AHK

Martin Knapp, Managing Board Member Of The German-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce, AHK

Creating ‘Regional Value Chains’

After the great success of the German ‘Initiative for Finding Suppliers in the Western Balkans’, AHK is now focused on finding a way to create ‘regional value chains’, creating cooperation between companies across the entire region. Serbian companies selected as suppliers are among the best in the country, able to supply the German market with everything it needs in their line of business
Frank Baumann, Director Of The Goethe-Institut In Serbia

Frank Baumann, Director Of The Goethe-Institut In Serbia

Culture Liberates Emotions

Although he has only been the director of the Goethe-Institut in Belgrade since March, Frank Baumann notes that the Serbian language, Serbia and our culture have been close to him for 12 years, because his wife is a Serb and their three children know our language
Clemens Sachs

Clemens Sachs, Director, Leoni Wiring Systems Southeast

Serbia Is Strategically Important For Leoni

“We can say that Leoni Wiring Systems Southeast d.o.o. is one of the highest performing companies within the Leoni world,” says Clemens Sachs, director of Leoni Wiring Systems Southeast, in this interview for CorD
Heinz-Dieter Harbers, Coordinator Of The GIZ Sector Programme “Sustainable Economic Development And Employment” In Serbia

Heinz-Dieter Harbers, Coordinator Of The GIZ Sector Programme “Sustainable Economic Development And Employment” In Serbia

Hein Joint Efforts Yield Successful Implementation

I am very happy to see that industry and education build trust once they know that the government stands behind the dual education process. In the next step, it is important to further develop the main pillars of employment promotion: education and the economy, as well as employment facilitation services

Igor Anić, Executive Board Member, Procredit Bank

ProCredit Bank Direct – Banking Made Simple

“Our stance has always been to not promote spending, rather actually savings, as a way for citizens to achieve and realise many things in their life,” says Igor Anić, member of the Executive Board of ProCredit Bank, speaking to CorD
Leitner Leitner

Leitner Leitner

BEPS – International Tax Reform

Tax Treaty Related Measures, the Multilateral Convention presented last November by the OECD, is now supported by 70 Ministers and high-level representatives who participated in the signing ceremony on 7th June. The Treaty itself will influence the legislations of the states involved, including Serbia
Zoran Đurić, General Manager, Miele Srbija

Zoran Đurić, General Manager, Miele Srbija

Products For The Future

“Miele is a company that always keeps pace with, technological advances in the area of domestic appliances, and which develop projects that are orientated towards the future,” says Zoran Đurić, general manager of MIELE Srbija, speaking to CorD
Schloss Neuschwanstein


Fairy Tale of Germany Castles

European castles are undeniably magical. Out of all of Europe, Germany boasts the most impressive selection of castles, these magnificent structures widely considered to be the nation’s crown jewels. Germany is home to 2,000+ castles, according to some sources

Svetislav Pešić, One of the World’s Top Basketball Coaches

Basketball VET

Svetislav Pešić, one of the world’s best basketball coaches, driven by the challenge of making Germany a European and world power in basketball, arrived at the German Basketball Federation precisely 30 years ago, and as early as the first press conference he stated that Germany would become European champions in basketball.
Germany - Partners 2017

Germany – Partners 2017

Strong, Enduring Support of Serbia's Political And Economic Reforms