Belgium Investor Develops Regional Mining

The focus of Belgian company Carmeuse on our region is reflected in large investments and the introduction of new technologies

Carmeuse is the world’s leading manufacturer of lime and lime-based products. With long-term plans, investments and new technologies, it encourages the development of the key industries in the region. In addition, as a responsible employer, Carmeuse applies European standards and sets work safety and environmental protection as a priority for its operation.

“We are very satisfied with our current business and the strategic plan of the whole group is to invest in this region. First of all, we are talking about Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we have our production units. Lime production is very important for economic stability because it provides a key raw material, without which it is impossible to do business in other strategic industries, such as metallurgy, energy and construction industry,“ said Darko Križan, County Coordinator Balkan, adding: “Thanks to constant investments, Carmeuse has been recognized as a long-term partner in improving the economy and economic development in the region.”

Since arriving in Serbia in 2013, Carmeuse has invested €9.6 mill. in the Jelen Do quarry, and continues to invest in streamlining this plant, modelled on the world’s state-of-the-art plants. New investment in the alternative fuels plant in the amount of €2.5 mil. is underway. A significant part of the funds is earmarked for the introduction of new production technologies, which besides ensuring competitiveness and improving work efficiency and the quality of the end product, are the most environmentally advanced solutions.

Investments in the production capacities of mines and factories since the arrival of Carmeuse in BiH in Doboj 2007 have amounted to over €30 mill, and the company continues to invest. Last year in April, a new plant for fillers production at the Doboj factory was officially opened, which was the result of investment between €2-3 mill.

Since arriving in Serbia in 2013, Carmeuse has invested €9.6 mill. in the Jelen Do quarry, and continues to invest in streamlining this plant, modeled on the world’s state-of-the-art plants. New investment in the alternative fuels plant in the amount of €2.5 mill. is underway

A stable and reliable delivery system, products that comply with the highest European standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), availability of large quantities of reserves and warranty, are the main reasons why Carmeuse is a successful and reliable partner of the economy. As a responsible employer, who employs more than 4,000 people globally, the company is continuously improving workplace safety through the implementation of safety procedures and education.

Carmeuse is the world leader in the production and processing of high-quality limestone and dolomite into lime, as well as limestone and lime products for industrial and commercial customers, with more than 150 years of experience. One of the basic principles of Carmeuse business is cooperation with the local community – when starting production at new locations, the company’s first concern is to adapt to the local environment.

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