UNIQA donates 5 million rsd for respirators to help fight the coronavirus

medical staff doctor coronavirus

UNIQA Insurance has donated 5 million rsd to Serbia for the purchase of respirators and other essential medical equipment.

In the days ahead these devices can save lives. UNIQA implemented financial assistance to support the Serbian health system in cooperation with the Republic Health Insurance Fund.

“A donation to the Serbian health system was initiated by UNIQA, as the highest-level priority, in an effort to help provide conditions for doctors and medical professionals in the fight for health and human lives during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Gordana Bukumirić, President of the Executive Board of UNIQA Insurance.

A trusted partner of the community, UNIQA is committed to supporting and safeguarding citizens. So far, the company has invested over 100 million rsd in socially responsible projects and in humanitarian support to the most vulnerable population.