Patrick Geeraert, Director, Kenzai Group

Successful Shift From Retail to B2B

Since its early beginnings in 2005, Kenzai Group has been known for continuously bringing the latest product innovations to this market, thanks to its extensive network and longstanding partnerships in this area of business

The group has fortified its presence with high-quality products and competitive pricing, while its business is expanding thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations from customers who are satisfied with the overall service.

Your company specialises in the supply and installation of flooring and wall covering solutions produced by renowned European manufacturers. What does your rich portfolio encompass?

What makes our company truly unique on this market is definitely the depth of our portfolio. Besides textile flooring, vinyl flooring and parquet, our offer also encompasses wallcoverings and raised floors.

For each of these product groups – as an independent distributor – we have access to multiple options, giving us the flexibility to provide tailormade solutions depending on the requirements of each individual project.

It could be said that you succeeded in satisfying even the most demanding clients…

Our initial business model was based on a combination of retail business – known under the Carpetland brand – and B2B project business. In 2017, we decided to focus entirely on the segment of commercial flooring and wallcovering solutions for the following two reasons: accelerated growth rates were expected for this market; and it represented a much better fit to the DNA of our company.

Patrick Geeraert

Looking back at the multitude of challenging projects we’ve supplied since then, we definitely made the right decision and managed to put Kenzai Group on the map as a reliable partner to architects/designers and investors. This is now entirely reflected in our new logo and baseline ’At the service of space creators’. The project business is definitely more demanding than the retail business at all levels, but we also see it as being more rewarding.

You’ve outfitted numerous embassies, hotels, retail spaces, award-winning corporate interiors and residential areas in Serbia. Could you highlight some of the company’s most notable projects as a reference?

As we have now been operating for over 20 years in both Serbia and Montenegro, the list of references is becoming very extensive. We are already fitting out several objects with flooring for a second time. Singling out individual references would only undermine all the other ones, which we value tremendously. However, It is worth mentioning our unique capacity to successfully handle large projects. Over recent years, we’ve won several +10,000m2 projects requiring particular financial and logistics engineering. Evenso we take pride in doing smaller size projects or high-end residential installations.

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