Milan Matić, CEO, Delta Transportni Sistem

Our Plan For The Future Of Logistics

Delta Transportni Sistem has been continuously improving its operations since its foundation and until today, aiming to improve the quality of its service. They began their regional expansion by opening companies in Montenegro and Bosnia- Herzegovina, then, at the end of 2021, they opened a company in Slovenia and, in December 2022, in Croatia

Our goals for the coming period are to continue developing our services and to expand our storage and transport capacities, both on the Serbian market and in the region – announces DTS director Milan Matić, who was chosen as the most successful young manager in 2022 by the Serbian Association of Managers.

You have an exceptional year behind you… DTS’ total revenue is up by about 35% over the previous year, and EBITDA by 30%. What else do the numbers say?

Numbers are consequences and always come as a result of steps taken and decisions made. At DTS, we have worked a lot on rejuvenating and expanding our team, with which we plan to achieve all our ambitious goals, as we have done until now. When you have a team like this, it’s easy to talk about numbers.

We have done a lot. First of all, last year we expanded part of our storage capacity, introduced new software solutions, and marked the first anniversary of our very successful work in Slovenia. In addition to all this, DTS is the first logistics company that has five electric vans in its fleet.

You have taken great steps forward. We assume that you have big goals and ambitious plans for the coming period…

Our goals for the coming period are first of all to continue developing our services, for which our custom software solutions will help us. We are also continuing to expand our storage and transport capacities, both on the Serbian market and in the region. Since February of this year, DTS has further expanded its portfolio of services by entering the cold chain field, which is increasingly important in supply chains both locally and globally.

In addition to our existing storage capacity of 26,000 pallet places, we have invested in expanding this capacity by as many as 12,000 pallet places in a controlled temperature regime. In this way, we have positioned ourselves as the strongest logistics provider in the region in the field of cold chain and a partner of world-famous brands in this industry.

A large number of young people for whom DTS was their first work experience matured together with us and accepted very responsible tasks and projects

We are convinced that our cold storage facilities, modern and technically equipped to the highest international standards with four multifunctional chambers for minus and plus mode, which makes it unique in this region, will become one of the strongest generators of growth and development for DTS.

DTS has continued its regional expansion. After opening companies in Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, at the end of 2021, we opened a company in Slovenia, and, in December 2022, in Croatia. We will continue on this path, because we want to extend our quality to the entire region and show that we have something to offer the market. I would like to conclude that the integration of all logistics services, together with our software solutions and dedicated and responsible people, is the key to our success.

There have recently been many changes on the market where you operate. Are you happy with how you’ve adjusted to it all?

Our vision is to be a regional leader. With all the changes that are happening in the logistics market, but also those that are yet to happen, we see a huge opportunity for us, because we at DTS are dedicated to quality. Change is an integral part of our lives, and one of my favourite quotes speaks to exactly that. Natural laws are universal, and we should listen more to nature and apply certain laws to business more often.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change,” ~ Charles Darwin.

We expanded our existing storage capacity of 26,000 pallet spaces by 12,000 pallet spaces in controlled temperature regime

We are all witnesses of what recently happened in the logistics market. Falling prices in container transport, lack of capacity, serious fluctuations in imports and exports are just some of the things that have happened in the market where we operate. Labour shortage is now a problem here in almost all industries, and a few years ago, logistics was the first to feel the lack of drivers, forklift operators and warehouse workers.

That’s why I believe the key thing when you’re in the business of providing a service is the trust you build with your customers. It is this trust that will make a serious difference in the business we are engaged in.

Without a good team, without colleagues who share the same vision, it is not possible to make long-term plans. Does the fact that you have a great team mean that you have big, ambitious plans?

Ambitious plans are an integral part of all Delta companies. What is much more important than the plans themselves are the people who are tasked with turning those plans into achievements. I can safely say that the DTS team has changed its look in the last couple of years. A large number of young people for whom DTS was their first working experience matured together with us and accepted very responsible tasks and projects. The development of our young staff is of great importance to us, because they are our future.

On the other hand, our ambition and the vision we have set has brought many experts from the market to join our team in recent times. We all have the same goal, for DTS to be a regional leader in logistics services, recognisable above all for its impeccable quality, trust and the people who make it what it is.

You received the annual award of the Serbian Association of Managers for the most successful young manager of 2022. What does this award mean to you, how do you see it?

This award is intended for an individual, but it is solely the merit of the people I was surrounded by and the environment in which I moved throughout my life, both privately and professionally. I am most proud of the fact that this award went to a logistics company. Above all this is an award for the entire DTS team and the whole staff and is the result of everything we have done together in recent times. I personally see it as a reward for all logistics specialists. The work we do is very challenging and you have to love it. And when you love something, you don’t see it as a job, you live, sleep and wake up with it.

I would like to point out that I am proud of all the young people at DTS at the beginning of their careers who were not aware of the work we do, and then came to love it after coming to our company through practice and specific responsibilities. Ambition, energy and passion for the work you do are, for me, the main formula for success!

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