Janko Anđelić, Sales Director for SEE, Ingram Micro

We Live The Problems of Our Partners

Ingram Micro d.o.o. Belgrade is part of a group that has offices in 45 countries and 154 distribution centres worldwide. Ingram Micro cooperates with over 1,700 suppliers and customers, doing business with more than 200,000 partners in 160 countries

We are proud of the fact that our partners see us as a reliable company that fulfils its agreed obligations. In order for us to remain a market leader, we need to understand and exceed the expectations of our partners, because we know that, with our speed and efficiency, we are helping them to achieve their goals and creating long-term cooperation.

Ingram Micro has 154 distribution centres in 45 countries worldwide, which enables you to provide fast deliveries and swift distributions of solutions to each of your customers. Is that one of the biggest secrets of your success?

There is no other company in the world today that provides such a wide and comprehensive range of technical and logistics services. Founded in 1979, Ingram Micro has held the status of a recognised leader for 38 years, delivering high-quality solutions to customers worldwide. Our strategic success lies precisely in experience, deep familiarity with each market where we operate, innovation and our commitment to providing our partners with advanced solutions and superior services, alongside optimal prices and adequate support. 

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The world’s largest brands and IT solution system integrators rely on us to ensure top quality in their business. Our commitment to investing in and monitoring new technologies provides security for our business partners and their customers. We also provide our partners with stability and efficiency when that is most important and most needed. In short, we have a personalised approach that keeps pace with the most powerful logistics in the IT industry.

What sets us apart and ensures Ingram Micro proudly carries the moniker of a Value Add Distributor is the fact that, in addition to a capable sales team, we also have a superior team of experienced engineers who possess adequate knowhow to create the most optimal solutions for particular environments. We are also a training centre, authorised by the world’s leading IT vendors. We are the ones who add value to IT sales.

Ingram Micro is the distributor for a number of solutions that deal with security, both for traditional and modern IT infrastructures

To what extent is your company’s excellent reputation down to your personalised approach, feeling for the needs of customers and flexibility?

The individualised approach that’s cultivated by our company is one of the most valuable components of our business. We understand the interests of partners and strive to do everything in our power to enable our partners to realise them. We have been operating on the market for so long that today we know most of the employees of all of our partners by name. An honest attitude towards partners is our trademark and one of the greatest qualities of our company, which is characterised by consistent, reliable and professional behaviour. Daily interactions consist of the individual actions of employees who practically live the problems of our partners, and that impacts greatly on the attitude of partners towards the company as a whole.

Data security is coming to the fore in the information world, which is why Serbia has harmonised its laws with European regulations. Are you prepared to provide customers with everything they need?

Successful operations are based on growing revenue and preventing losses. Viewed over the long term, in the era of cybercrime, investing in security should be seen as an investment that ensures the continuity of operations, strengthens partner confidence and improves the overall user experience. This is just the beginning of the journey – and as our organisation matures and evolves, we are dedicated to improving and implementing the highest possible standards for the protection of personal data.

Vladimir Popović, Managing Director, Ingram Micro

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