CorD 182

December 2019, Issue No. 182

Nada Popović Perišić, Founder And Professor Of The Faculty Of Media And Communication

By Nada Popović Perišić

Repositioning Our Entry Into the Third Decade

I think that at least two positions could be dominant when it comes to the decade ahead. The world, and with it Europe and the region, faces antagonistic processes: on the one hand are disintegration processes while on the other are integration processes which, in my opinion, will only deepen in the next decade. At the same time, the growing absence of hope and the inability to see the global perspective seriously call into question faith in the future
Vladimir Bilčík MEP

Vladimir Bilčík, MEP, European Parliament’s Standing Rapporteur for Serbia

Dialogue is the Only Way

When it comes to improving the political environment in Serbia, conditions for free and fair elections and a functioning parliamentary culture, the only way...
Aida Smajić, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Republic of Serbia

H.E. Aida Smajić, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia

Improving Bilateral Relations is the Goal

As next-door neighbours, in the waiting room for entry into the chambers of Europe, we should resolve our open issues through constructive dialogue, mutual...
What are the pros and cons of the Western Balkans regional economic zone?


Gains Depend on How We Count Them

There’s no doubt that forming a regional market might unshackle intraregional trade and make the Western Balkans a more attractive investment destination. However, there are deeper considerations that must be taken into account when gauging the motivations and ultimate benefits
Mark Harrison, Principal, Harrisons

Mark Harrison, Principal, Harrisons

20 Years & Counting

It was two decades ago that Mark Harrison abandoned his comfort zone to become the first English Solicitor to set up an English Law Firm in Serbia and Montenegro. That was a very brave step, but Harrison has no regrets. Today, 20 years on, the Harrisons law office is celebrating a great anniversary
Vladimir Popović, Managing Director for SEE Ingram Micro

Vladimir Popović, Managing Director for SEE Ingram Micro

We Have a Team for Every Project

Ingram Micro d.o.o. Belgrade, as part of the Ingram Micro group, which is the world’s largest distributor in the field of IT equipment, covers a regional market of more than 50 million inhabitants. Thanks to this, we can always offer partners, vendors and end users the best logistics solutions
Janko Anđelić, Sales Director for SEE, Ingram Micro

Janko Anđelić, Sales Director for SEE, Ingram Micro

We Live The Problems of Our Partners

Ingram Micro d.o.o. Belgrade is part of a group that has offices in 45 countries and 154 distribution centres worldwide. Ingram Micro cooperates with over 1,700 suppliers and customers, doing business with more than 200,000 partners in 160 countries
Miroslav Vraneš, Account Executive, Dell Technologies

Miroslav Vraneš, Account Executive, Dell Technologies

Real Transformation

This year’s DELL TECHNOLOGIES forum was held in Belgrade on 12th November under the title ‘REAL TRANSFORMATION’. Our interviewee is Miroslav Vraneš, the Account Executive who opened the event and spoke about the importance of Dell Technologies as a global leader in the field of digital transformation
Sanja Pešić, Alma Quattro

Sanja Pešić, Chief Executive Officer of Alma Quattro, a Member of the Swiss APG SGA Group

Alma Quattro: “A Serbian Ambassador To The World”

Alma Quattro is a Serbian company owned by the Swiss APG SGA Group since 2003, which is a national leader on the market of Out-of-Home advertising and street furniture. The company portfolio consists of billboards, backlights, scrollers, bus stop shelters, city lights, big boards, advertising columns and state-of-the-art LCD and LED screens
White Book 2019


Foreign Investors Council Presents White Book 2019

The Foreign Investors Council has presented the White Book 2019 to the highest Government officials and stakeholder community
Serbian Visions

Serbian Visions

Fifth Consecutive Serbian Visions Multicongress Held

The two-day Serbian Visions multicongress was held in Belgrade for the fifth time in late November, organised by the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia
Novi Dorćol 2019

Where Tradition and Culture Meet Modernity

Novi Dorćol Residential- Commercial Complex

Construction of the Novi Dorćol residentialcommercial complex, at 29 Venizelosova Street, is expected to commence by the end of 2019
Adam Neumann

Enterpreneur, Adam Neumann

The Rise & Fall of “Better Together”

Adam Neumann spent some of his final days as the CEO of WeWork in the same way he had for countless weekends in recent years: surrounded by family at his house in the Hamptons, New York, U.S. With the company’s plan to go public smouldering, his control over the business dwindling and its biggest investor starting to turn against him, Neumann gathered his wife and business partner, Rebekah, and their five kids, piled into a car and drove east to the Tony beach community
Dr. Magdalena Đorđević

Dr. Magdalena Djordjević, Scientific Advisor at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade

QGP: Front-Line Science And Why Serbia Needs It

Quark-gluon plasma (QGP) is a state of matter that exists under extreme temperatures and pressures. As a reminder, the nucleus of atoms consists of protons and neutrons, which are in turn composed of even smaller particles (quarks and gluons). In QGP, the temperature and pressure are so high that quarks and gluons become free
Japanese Contemporary Art

Japanese Contemporary Art

Creative Spin on Tradition

Japanese contemporary artists are currently creating some of the most extraordinary, thought-provoking artworks. Determined to set their own rules, these prolific inventors have transformed the global art landscape with their uncompromising visions and trendsetting artistry
Arnaud Gouillon

Arnaud Gouillon, humanitarian

Serbia Has Roots, But Also The Wings

He is a Frenchman who was only 13 when he realised that Serbia had suffered great wrongdoing when it was bombed by NATO forces. And it’s no surprise that he founded the humanitarian organisation ‘Solidarity for Kosovo’, which has been helping Serbs for the last 15 years
Fashion December 2019


Give With Style

The festive season of Christmas and New Year is a time of presents, visits, encounters and gatherings, which also implies the giving of gifts,...