Slobodan Filipović, Director Of Express SEE

We Connect Three Continents

Express SEE has been providing logistics services, both abroad and on the domestic market, since it was founded in Belgrade in 2014. The company operates within the framework of Italy-based international freight forwarding group ExpressGlobal

Thanks to the fact that it is currently present on three continents, this group is able to meet the specific and demanding needs of the markets, operating via all modes of transport and dealing with customs mediation in import, export and transit procedures.

Your company’s focus is always the same – providing optimal solutions in terms of costs and transit time for each delivery. Do you manage to achieve that on all three continents where you operate?

– ExpressGlobal, which we are a part of, represents a network that’s able to respond to the demands of clients on all continents.

  We strive to offer a service that is tailored to the client, i.e. to always offer a service that provides the best ratio of costs and delivery time. Apart from costs and delivery time, we consider our company’s responsiveness as its special quality. We don’t allow much time to pass before responding to every request received. Moreover, we also strive hard to ensure that clients are constantly well informed about the status of their shipments, and to work proactively with the aim of preventing problems that can arise due to possible disruptions within the logistics chain.

Express SEE attributes the success of its operations, among other things, to the extraordinary interpersonal relationships cultivated among colleagues on all three continents. As we all share the same goal of ensuring satisfied clients, we manage to find the best transport and logistics solutions. Our work is eased by the fact that we have offices around the world, because we know that we always have colleagues we can turn to for every request beyond the borders of our country.

You are in a position to respond to almost all market needs. Does this mean that your list of satisfied clients is long, while you have an even greater desire for growth and progress?

– The team that I lead is experienced, but still sufficiently young. We are constantly improving and have a pronounced need to both nurture relationships with existing clients and acquire new ones. We are helped in this by the fact that clients recommend us to their acquaintances, because they recognise us as a reliable partner in every respect.

We want our clients to know that their goods are secure with us and that we take care of them throughout the course of transport and logistics

We want to be recognised on the market as a company that succeeds in overcoming all challenges, in order for our clients to be able to dedicate themselves to their jobs and work obligations. With a professional approach to each client, we create stable cooperation that endures for years.

Express SEE is synonymous with reliable logistics partners in the region. Does this mean that clients recognise that cooperation with you guarantees the security of their shipment until the end of its journey?

– Apart from standard criteria in terms of punctuality and reliability of delivery, which we maintain at a high level, Express SEE considers it very important that our clients don’t feel stress during transport and logistics operations. We endeavour to adapt the service to each client individually, because we are aware that not everyone has the same parameters for assessing level of service.

We want our clients to know that their goods are secure with us and that we take care of them throughout the course of transport and logistics, while our experience enables us to avoid or overcome any problem during the transport process.

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