Tamara Stanivuk, HR Manager at Ewe

Bound By a Common Vision

For almost quarter of a century, the company Ewe has been a leader in the distribution of computers and computer equipment, white goods, home appliances, security equipment and mobile devices, and in creating solutions for clients in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia

Team spirit, respect, enthusiasm and integrity are the values promoted by Ewe, both internally and in communication and relations with partners and clients. They believe that this attitude towards their staff contributes to their own understanding of their value to the company.

Ewe is a leading distributor for major world brands in the IT / tech industry that is developing daily. Do we have enough professionals in Serbia for more sophisticated client demands?

– The challenging business environment we have been operating in for 25 years has led to the development of high-quality staff in the IT / tech industry. In every sense, the professionals here do not at all lag behind their colleagues on the world market.

The market is changing rapidly and setting new demands, and another challenge is the continuous emerging of new companies in our industry, so we need to follow these changes at all levels. We therefore try to be ready for what is coming through proper development of the HR sector, especially when it comes to young people with different perceptions and understanding of the business environment.

Ewe has been operating for 25 years and has a team of 300 people. Many of them have been in the company for a very long time, which is not typical for the IT industry. What does this say about you as an employer?

– In times of rapid development and globalisation, we have to follow novelties in all areas of the business, including human resources. Our company deviates from traditional approaches to human resources where the competencies and capabilities of the staff are balanced with the requirements of the position. A different approach has proven more productive and sustainable – we organise our staff in such a way that we recognise their capacities, desires and needs, and then assign them to the positions where they will contribute the most to the development and profitability of the company.

Our desire is to build and develop young people through our business environment and the system of values we set

We deeply believe that this attitude towards our staff has contributed to their own understanding of their value to the company, and as a result we can be proud of a large number of employees who have long been part of our team. With the assignment of responsibility and appreciation of their opinions, ideas and suggestions, we have built together a profitable company with stable growth.

Can the strategy of any company, small or large, be implemented if employees do not share the same vision, values and goals, if they do not see themselves as an important part of a community?

– We at Ewe pay special attention to this issue. We believe that each family has its own vision and goal, even if they talk about daily errands, so every successful company must have a vision and goals that it strives for. We insist that those unspoken visions and values, that are often intangible and not clearly defined, still be embedded in everyday organisation in carrying out tasks and achieving targets.

Team spirit, respect, enthusiasm and integrity are the values promoted by Ewe both internally and in communication and relations with partners and clients. We have proved that it is possible to implement exactly these values in our everyday work, so our company is made up of motivated staff who understand their importance in our team.