Miroslav Prešern, CEO At OVEN Elektro Maribor d.o.o.

Look To The Future

The company “OVEN Elektro Maribor” specialises in generating electricity from renewable energy sources, but also in sales of electric bicycles, self-balancing scooters, IR heating panels and other forms of using and promoting renewable energy sources

Klub Oven, which was founded by OVEN Elektro Maribor, is a project that brings together people who are interested in innovative solutions and the promotion of renewable energy sources, e-mobility, healthy lifestyle, green jobs, environmental protection, ecotourism, recycling etc.

OVEN Elektro Maribor exerts great efforts in promoting its mission of highlighting the necessity of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and environmental protection in the region. How do you do it?

Our company mainly promotes renewable sources of energy efficiency and environmental protection through the Klub Oven project, which comprises three levels. The first level covers monthly events in interesting locations in the city of Maribor and the surrounding region, on the topic of renewable energy sources, e-mobility, healthy lifestyles, green workplaces, environmental protection, eco-tourism, recycling and other topics. Different guests from these fields are invited to present a certain good practice and their products.

The second level of promotion encompasses social networks.

These are mostly Facebook and Twitter, where we follow current news and events in the field of energetics on a daily basis and inform the public about our key activities and current products.

The third level is the Modri Salon (Blue salon), which is essentially an exhibition, sales and information centre at the heart of Maribor, where buyers and visitors can receive information about e-mobility and can also try out and buy some models of electric vehicles.

We also occasionally publish promotional articles, especially in the print media.

In 2017, the Klub Oven project will be radically changed and upgraded. The chosen event locations will be situated in more regularly frequented locations, with more potential buyers present. The contents will be more promotionally orientated and attractive.

The electric bicycle can be used by all generations and is very convenient for various city public services

Electric vehicles are certainly coming in the near future. To what extent is the environmental awareness of citizens in our region at the level where these innovations are accepted?

lectric vehicles are, of course, the big future in establishing sustainable mobility. Nevertheless, we need to consider the challenge of subsequently higher demands for electrical energy and therefore more investments, especially in classical energy production sources and also, where possible, in renewable electricity production sources. The development of the vehicles themselves is moving towards smart vehicles, which will have their own autonomous electricity production source (hydrogen).

The ecological awareness of people is at an enviably high level, but the problem mainly lies in the fact that all electric vehicles are still too expensive for the general population, despite state subsidies. Given the development itself, and largescale serial production, there is hope that electric vehicles of all kinds will be financially more accessible to a large circle of people in the near future.

What is the target group for your e-mobility products and what are their comparative advantages?

Our electric bicycle and self-balancing scooter are mainly intended for recreation and fun. However, they both also offer the possibility of traffic relief in cities and have no harmful emissions, which consequently impacts on environmental protection goals.

The scooter is mainly intended for youngsters and will enable them to learn about electrical mobility and develop their motor skills and core stability.

The electric bicycle can be used by all generations and is very convenient for various city public services (security guards, mail carriers, police officers etc.). It is a high performance Slovenian bicycle that can even conquer longer distances and demanding paths.

Our activities, thus, will focus in particular on promoting sales of these two products and raising people’s awareness of the advantages of this kind of more fun electrical mobility, as well as environmentally and people-friendly products.