National Alliance for Local Economic Development

e-Business – The Only Cure For Bureaucracy

In a country where a medium-sized bank prints 11 million papers a year, a retail chain spends €150,000 on storing documents, shelves in state institutions reach into dozens of kilometres, and ordinary people have to show pay slips at official counters to prove that they have paid the fee, the only way out of bureaucracy is the development of e-business

Support To Women In BothPublic And Private Sectors

Obligatory gender quotas for the number of women in managerial positions both in the public administration and in business have proven the most effective way of achieving a gender balance in developed countries, in economic, political and social spheres

Champions In Issuing Electronic Construction Permits

Municipalities in the southeast and southwest Serbia require an average of just five working days to issue building permits, making them the most successful in our country

Aleksandar Ružević

New Chairman Of The NALED Management Board

New Action Plan for Combatting the Shadow Economy Adopted

New Action plan for 2017 and 2018 envisages an increase in the number of measures and the intensifying of the activities of relevant institutions aimed at reducing the volume of illicit trade, undeclared work and tax evasion


Seasonal Workers At A Single Click

Every year around 80,000 Serbians find themselves in a field, orchard, farm or greenhouse, performing agricultural work as a seasonal labour force. For some this serves as a side job, while others see it as their only source of income. What all of them have in common is that their work goes unregistered

NALED Members Select New Leadership

New Board of Directors will lead the alliance over the next four years
Presentation Of Negotiating Chapter 6 2017

Presentation Of Negotiating Chapter 6

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) and the Ministry of Economy held a presentation
Tel Aviv As An Example Of Good Practice 2017

Tel Aviv As An Example Of Good Practice

First in a series of workshops with international experts, under the organization of the Embassy of the State of Israel to Serbia and NALED

Local Governments Are Generators Of Development

Certificates to 22 employees working in Local Economic Development Offices in 18 municipalities
Meeting On Public Administration Reform 2017

Meeting On Public Administration Reform

Meeting on public administration reform via the development of e-services

Record Public Support For Combatting The Grey Economy

NALED's latest research into the attitudes of citizens regarding the grey economy
Zorana Mihajlović - Reformer of the Year 2017

Zorana Mihajlović – Reformer of the Year

The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) has declared Zorana Mihajlović, Serbian Deputy PM and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Reformer of the Year

1,000 WomenInitiative Launched

13.6.2017Launching of an initiative to employ 1,000 women in rural areas to produce traditional handicrafts

Way Out Of Grey Economy

23.12.2016National Conference Organized by the AmCham and NALED

Investment Potential Of The Cities And Municipalities Of SE In One...

Investment potential of the cities and municipalities of Southeast Europe available in one place as of next year

Exhibition Of Traditional Food And Handicrafts

Opened by city manager Goran Vesić and H.E. Julia Feeney

eGovernment Day

20.12.2016Conference eGovernment - Serbia without Public Service Counters