Town Made to Measure

In the foothills of the proud mountains of Suvobor and Maljen is a picturesque area that warmly welcomes everyone who visits this jewel of Western Serbia. The Mionica area is opening its doors wide in a desire to present all the wealth gifted to it by nature and its rich history


All those whose travels take them to the municipality of Mionica can enjoy the abundant benefits of pristine nature, rich history, preserved cultural heritage and the flavours of traditional dishes prepared superbly.


The municipality of Mionica sits on healing thermal-mineral waters, and in this sense, it is a real pearl of Serbia, with springs of capacities that reach 200 litres per second and an incredible temperature of 37oC in some locations.

The hot spring water that’s known locally as “Miraculous Water” has an extremely positive effect on the human body, with beneficial impacts in the treatment of rheumatism, gynaecological diseases, dermatological and ocular illnesses, anaemia and kidney stones.

Tourists can even swim in this water, which possesses a perfect balance of all minerals that are extremely important for the health of every human, at swimming pools in the spas of Banja Vrujci and Banja Lepenica, with the water of Banja Lepenica characterised by extremely high levels of sulphur that are suitable for treating skin disorders.


The harmony of man and nature is carefully preserved in the municipality of Mionica. For all those who’ve lost touch with nature, the ideal holiday involves swimming in the River Ribnica, reading a book whilst enjoying the rustling of centuries-old linden trees, or explore Ribnica Cave in the Ribica Nature Park near Mionica. 

The villages of Mionica and their hospitable locals offer walks through meadows filled with medicinal herbs, rich, traditionally-prepared spreads, a glass of cold spring water, traditional sweet syrups and plum brandy.

This is the right place to feel nature within you and all around you. In the vicinity of the Ribnica Nature Park is a farmstead that houses the Museum of Stone and a House of Tea, where visitors can hear wonderful stories of nature recounted, drink a medicinal beverage or read a mystical recipe from 1856 carved into stone.


Mionica gained the status of a town (varoš) back in 1895 and has a special charm provided by its rich history and nurtured folk tradition. Mionica natives speak proudly of their famous fellow townsman, Field Marshal Živojin Mišić, who was born in the village of Struganik. 

The house representing the birthplace of this duke, who commanded the Serbian army masterfully during World War I, today proudly dominates the hilly countryside of Struganik and welcomes every visitor wanting to more closely acquaint themselves with the story of the warfare experienced by the Serbian army and the personality of this celebrated military leader, but also to walk through the environment and feel the atmosphere of a Serbian cooperative family from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Visitors to this complex are greeted at the entrance by girls in traditional costumes offering traditional cornbread cake and salt, while a traditional duke’s breakfast and the story of the life of Field Marshal Mišić is served in the old cellar. 


Boban Janković, Mayor of MionicaWith the opening of the Miloš Veliki [Miloš the Great] Highway, Mionica has an even greater chance to accelerate the development of tourism and an opportunity, in the period ahead, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the most attractive tourist destinations in Serbia.

The focus of our activities is on increasing the quality of the tourist offer and attracting investors, who are offered special investment benefits by the Municipality.

We are particularly proud of one project that has a significance which extends beyond local parameters. It is the multifunctional setting of the House of the Battle of Kolubara, the construction of which is set to begin in Mionica soon.

Covering an area of 400 square metres, here visitors will be able – with the smell of gunpowder and the sounds of gunshots and shouting soldiers – to experience the Battle of Kolubara, one of the greatest battles in the history of Serbia.