At Least 10 Reasons for Skills

The story of ‘Skills’ started in the last century, or in 1996, to be precise. Back then we were the only training company in Serbia. In the last twenty years we have been working hard to develop and adopt new workforce knowhow and skills

At Skills, we combine knowledge, skill, passion and innovation. We continuously come up with new ways to further develop human skills.

skills logoOur impressive list of clients is the best possible reference that we can provide. We think that developing people is tantamount to developing business. This is the key component of the success of any company. By training employees and developing their skills, companies gain a substantial corporative advantage on the market.

Here are at least 10 reasons why you should contact us:


Young people just embarking on their career paths, people attending training courses for the first time, as well as experienced managers holding top positions in their companies, have all gained benefit from our innovative, practical training methods, of which we are truly proud. More than 36,000 people have to date attended our training courses and teambuilding events.


skillsWe are extremely proud to say that our list of references includes more than 306 companies. This number gains added importance when one considers the fact that we deal exclusively with in-house training. We have worked with different industries, both domestic and multinational companies, as well as the public sector.



We are able to offer you much more than just an ‘ordinary’ training course, or a ‘training only’ type course. We develop our programmes by tailoring them to meet your needs; we do not adapt your needs to suit our training courses. We only hold ‘in house training sessions’, as we are fully aware that each client is special and, consequently, it will be our pleasure to adapt our training to your needs. It is crucial to highlight that we apply the 80/20 method, i.e., the method that includes 80 per cent practical work and 20 per cent theory.

We are able to offer you much more than just an ‘ordinary’ training course, or a ‘training only’ type course. We develop our programmes by tailoring them to meet your needs; we do not adapt your needs to suit our training courses


In our business, as well as in designing and staging training courses, we rely on our trainers’ experience and knowledge. At the same time, we follow and create trends and keep up to date with new technology and current tendencies, both in the world and at home. As a result, a Skills training event includes elements of ‘both worlds’.


We have a unique training centre, the Experience Centre. This multifunctional, multipurpose and multimedia space, equipped with the state-of-the-art tools needed to stage our training courses, is situated in New Belgrade’s Yu Business Centre.


skillsWe can always provide you with a trainer who has considerable experience and expertise in the relevant training field. We cooperate with 14 trainers, each of whom has an average of 17 years of experience in the relevant training field. We have been cooperating with all of our trainers for at least five years. When several Skills trainers work for you, what you get is synergy-enhanced training quality, due to their flawless teamwork and the Skills methodology.


Teambuilding events are our ‘middle name’ and something for which we are known on the market. We have worked with large teams (up to 450 people), as well as very small groups of people (six members) throughout Serbia and in neighbouring countries (Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Macedonia, Greece and Italy), holding sessions in both Serbian and English… The major news in 2016 is our TeamBonding programme, which is actually teambuilding with a twist. That is a cooking (grill) competition with some additional creative activities.

We are founders of the hr pro club, the first and biggest association of hr professionals in serbia. Founded in 2003, the hr pro club has for years combined education and experience sharing with socialising events for hr managers

8. HR+

We are founders of the HR PRO Club, the first and biggest association of HR professionals in Serbia. Founded in 2003, the HR PRO Club has for years combined education and experience sharing with socialising events for HR managers. We are proud of the events that we have organised, such as HRadionica and HRevolution. Our LinkedIn group boasts over 600 members. This year will see some new projects launched, which were promoted in April. For more information, visit our website


Innovation has always been part and parcel of the way we do business. It is common knowledge that companies with innovative ideas are far more successful than those that lack such ideas. As such, in 2011 we decided to take another step forward and set up Q Space, a club for those interested in innovations and change management. Various innovations which are now an ‘integral part’ of each of our training courses originated there. For more information, visit our website


The Skills firm, headed by its management and staff, deeply believes in, and supports strongly, the concept of corporate social responsibility. We have conducted different campaigns for free education, organised group donations and promoted CSR activities as a business model. Some of our partners include UNICEF, Dobri Rodjak, Mali Svet et al.

Consider these two as bonuses for you 🙂

As of the end of March 2016, Skills is probably the only dog-friendly company in Serbia. In other words, you can bring your dog and we have food, toys and even a host – our own dog, Don. 

12. AAH!

Our director, Mr Dragan Đorđević, is the founder of the Association of Authentic Hedonists AAH!, but that’s another story.

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