Suzana Radović, Channel Sales Manager and Head of the Fujitsu Office for Serbia, Montenegro, B&H

Take a Small Step Forward Each Day

I belong to the Serbian ICT community for more than 20 years, and I am very proud of this. The Serbian ICT industry is the fastest growing Serbian industry; it is the healthiest one and more than solid one; it is developing by itself, and it’s finding their way for global success. Still, the industry is clean, sustainable and can grow further – not only in gaming, or software industry – outsourcing is still on the beginning and can attract talents from microelectronics, civil engineering, HR industry, marketing, art, architecture.

Suzana Radović, Channel Sales Manager and Head of the Fujitsu Representative Office for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and HercegovinaBy starting working in Fujitsu, I got the opportunity to learn more about Japan, the most digitalised country in the world! Their superior technology is inspiring; still, their unique culture is very different from all others, and their business approach is honest, modest, without pressure and human touch related.

JBAS is young business alliance, still with very strong and strategic leadership by Mr Goran Pekez, President of Board and energetic, creative and enthusiastic Executive director Ms Danijela Cabarkapa. The primary objective is setting up the foundations of business association gathering Japanese business society in Serbia and supporting and improving the business environment in Serbia through experience and knowledge sharing, education projects, technology demonstration, Japanese investors attracting and many other ongoing activities.

Fujitsu is a Japanese global integrator and producer for superior ICT solutions. In Japan, Fujitsu is a 1st service provider, and globally, Fujitsu is on 5th place

Last year I was elected, and I became the first HiTech group president of JBAS. Last month I was elected and became Member of the Board of JBAS. I am proud and happy to contribute. Japanese companies recognised our market – we have highly educated and skilled employees with very solid language, IT, social skills, with a positive and creative attitude toward work and discipline. I was surprised when I learned that NTT Data, Japan Telecom, has an entity in Novi Sad with over 70 engineers. There is also Japanese startup developing advance speech recognised AI, NEC, Hitachi, Fujitsu with biometric patent and it’s liquid cooling system which spares 40% of energy spending, ICL, Fujitsu Global Delivery Center, who is outsourcing technical support for Fujitsu global services.

I know that our modest and honest Japanese friends would never mention, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity and to remain all about donations coming from Japan to Serbian people. We should always remember it.

Fujitsu is a Japanese global integrator and producer for superior ICT solutions. In Japan, Fujitsu is a 1st service provider, and globally, Fujitsu is in 5th place. Still, besides advanced technology, we in the company are the proudest of the company culture of transparency, trust and honesty.

For this culture, Fortune magazine recognised Fujitsu five times as “the most admired for” company. Fujitsu products are recognised as solid, reliable and robust. We constantly educate and do knowledge transfer to our local partners to win new technologies, together with big countries. We implemented Kaizen idea – “Each day do a small step forward”. This was our objective, and we achieved it. After it, business is naturally following and sustainably grow.


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