Employee Training Important To Total Results Of Digitisation

Milos Ignjatović, President Municipality of Zvezdara

Milos Ignjatović, President Municipality of Zvezdara

The introduction of eGovernment also marked a major step in the field of transparency – the Informer for work is regularly updated, while the local self-government responds in the shortest possible deadlines to requests for free access to information.

Do you plan to improve eGovernment in the municipality of Zvezdara in 2018 and to offer some new services to the citizens and the economy? Which electronic services have been used the most to date and what do citizens of your municipality most often seek?

– We certainly live in the age of modern technologies and it is necessary to forget about seals and stamps, large queues, situations in which a citizen is obligated to submit to a service a document that it already possesses. These things are the intentions of the work of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and of course, all those who are actors in this process.

That’s precisely why there is a need for us, as urban municipalities, to modernise and thus enable easier, faster and better communication with fellow citizens.

When it comes to the electronic services we use now, we have various e-forms on our site and there are also a variety of forms that enable fellow citizens to submit applications to our services. Likewise, on the site, there is a service called “Komunalko Zvezdarić”, which enables citizens to electronically report all municipal problems they encounter on the territory of the municipality.

How satisfied are your employees with the eZup procedure, which provides citizens with immediate access to all documents needed to complete a request? Do you expect it to operate even better in 2018?

– The employees of the City Municipality of Zvezdara are fully committed and contribute with their work to resolving all requests of fellow citizens under the shortest possible deadlines – provided, of course, that is within the framework of our competence. I note this because, in some cases, our employees receive requests from citizens for things over which the municipality has no jurisdiction.

Nevertheless, even in those instances citizens aren’t left without a response, but rather are referred to other services outside of the City Municipality of Zvezdara, where they can gain the information they need. In conversation with colleagues, I received information that even better results are expected in 2018, and we are sure that our fellow citizens will receive an even better and higher quality service.

The “Komunalko Zvezdarić” service enables citizens to electronically report all municipal problems they encounter

What else needs to be done for digitisation to improve the operations of the Municipality of Zvezdara, speed up procedures and increase transparency in work?

– Constant work is required on the modernisation of computer equipment, which we do to a significant extent. The training of all employees for the EDCL certificate is also extremely important, with an emphasis on the M4 and M7 modules. Then, it is also important to integrate other state bodies into eZup, such as the integration of the republic cadastre. When it comes to transparency, it has been fully achieved. The Informer on the work of the City Municipality of Zvezdara is regularly updated, and within this document, visitors can see everything related to the work of the administration. Requests for information of public importance are also processed regularly, as well as personal requests for access to archived documents.