Bojana Rudović, Marketing Director at Bekament

Success is Greater if it is Shared

We Build With Heart

Over the course of almost three decades, Bekament has grown from a small family business to become one of the most technologically advanced companies in the production of construction finishing materials. At Bekament they believe that success is greater if it is shared, which is why they wholeheartedly encourage the development of community in the areas of health, culture, sports, environmental protection and sustainable development.

BekamentBekament is a company that supports its Foundation’s projects through financial assistance, as well as through donations of its own products. Over the past two years, with the vision “We Build With Heart” socially responsible projects have been launched and implemented that have been recognised as significant for the community.

Bekament is a company that’s spent almost three decades encouraging the development of the community in which it operates. What are the main aspects of your company’s corporate social responsibility?

– Corporate social responsibility is integrated into our business strategy and built into the foundations of our company’s corporate culture, its vision and values, and encompasses various aspects of operations. Respect for ethical values and principles are certainly an imperative of our company. 

In strategic CSR settings, the basis of the structure is represented by employees, i.e. their needs, motivation and satisfaction, which also further contributes to the building of stable and long-term relations with all stakeholders. Bekament also supports humane initiatives directed towards caring for the people and the community in which it operates, which implies investing in the advancement of education, culture, health, sports and environmental protection.

Our goal is to encourage as many companies as possible to contribute to the community and sustainable development through socially responsible work

Bekament is also officially one of the most socially responsible companies in Serbia, as confirmed by the VIRTUS awards and notes of thanks that you received in 2012, 2014 and 2018. How much does such recognition mean to you?

– From the very beginning, the people who built Bekament have believed that success is greater if it is shared. We are constantly creating a reputation as one of the more socially responsible companies on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, which is also confirmed by the VIRTUS awards.

Awards are indeed of great importance to us, because they testify to the strength that we hold within us as humans. That motivates us to continue to provide our own contribution in order for things to be better for all of us every day.

You also founded the Bekament Foundation two years ago. What is its primary area of activity?

– One of the long-term strategic pillars of Bekament’s operations, and which is directed towards the humane and ethical dimensions of social responsibility, is also supported by the establishing of the Bekament Foundation. The aim of the Foundation is to unite the public and private sectors, to bring together companies, organisations and individuals, and to create an environment that will stimulate support for investments in the common good of society as a whole.

In the past two years, with the vision “We Build With Heart”, social responsibility projects have been launched and implemented that have been recognised as being significant to the community. The most significant among them are the construction of a new wing of the General Hospital in Aranđelovac, restoration of the SOS village in Sremska Kamenica for children without parental care, reconstruction of the Textile School in Belgrade and the Saint Sava Primary School in Aranđelovac, restoration of the Gendarmerie [police] building in Belgrade, the complete equipping and construction of two playgrounds for children in the Voždovac and Zvezdara municipalities etc.

The projects that we joined in past few months imply silver membership in the BELhospice Sustainability Club, with the goal of improving the quality of palliative care for patients with malignant diseases. We’ve also joined the humanitarian action “Pruži korak” [Take a Step], which is organised by the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR), in order to raise funds for the construction of a parental home in Belgrade. 

Bojana Rudović, Marketing Director At Bekament

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