Melanija Pavlović, General Manager, Baumit Serbia

Freedom Of Design

Baumit is one of the leading European brands for sustainable plaster, render and external wall insulation for the construction industry

Founded in Austria in 1988, Baumit is now present in over 30 countries worldwide. From external wall insulation systems to façade renders, paints and healthy living indoor plasters, Baumit gives you the freedom of design. Our extensive range of innovative products offer the perfect combination of thermal insulation systems and façade coatings suitable for any project, whether it be a new build or a renovation project, for private residences all the way to large scale developments and commercial projects.Baumit is a European pioneer in external wall insulation systems, with almost forty years’ experience in Germany, Austria and many central and eastern European countries, supplying over twenty million square metres annually. Baumit’s reference list includes such prestige projects as Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, the Reichstag building in Berlin, the Doge’s Palace in Venice, the Kremlin in Moscow and Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.


Thermal insulation of the building envelope (shell) is intended to avoid any waste of energy and to create pleasant environment for building users. Baumit systems are designed to meet any requirements set for application, ranging from small and old houses to new and high buildings.


A building’s external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) is an issue of increasing importance in the modern era of climate change and growing energy costs. In new builds it can create saving on manufacturing costs and reduce future energy costs. The positive results of an external thermal insulation system on quality of life also shouldn’t be overlooked. All these are important reasons why Baumit makes a valuable contribution to the environment and the population with it new products and systems.


• Reduce heating and cooling costs
• Improve living comfort
• Offer additional soundproofing
• Improve building appearance
• Reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment
• Increase property value

20 million m² of Baumit external thermal insulation systems are applied every year. The final energy savings are about 4.5 billion kWh or 450 million liters of heating oil corresponding to a billion tons of CO2 emissions a year.

Baumit is the No.1 Façade brand in Austria and Germany. Doing business in Serbia is very important to Baumit as a company and its intention is to become one of the top fife façade brands in Serbia in the next five years

BAUMIT EPS ETICS, with recognised certifications

Baumit possesses the European Technical Certification (ETA) for all its systems, in accordance with internationally accepted specification ETAG 004 (Guidelines for Technical Approval of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with Rendering). Moreover, all Baumit system products are certified according to relevant EN standards.

With vast experience in Europe, in Germany alone Baumit supplies over three million square metres annually, while all Baumit products fulfil quality standard EN ISO 9001 and correspond to all valid national and EU requirements.

The Baumit EWI (External Wall Insulation) System is a fully integrated system offering the widest design choice available to customers. The system includes all required insulation, adhesives, base coats, reinforcing meshes, primers and finished coats, window sills, beads and accessories.

Baumit has been operating in Serbia since 2002, with headquarters in Belgrade. At the beginning of 2006, Baumit launched production at its own Serbian factory in Arandjelovac, where part of the production programme is being produced. Baumit also joined Slovenian company Kema in 2013, so these two brands, Baumit and Kema, offer a wide and innovative systems of products. Façades, mortars, screens, adhesives for ceramic tiles and marble, industrial and epoxy floors, special products and interior decoration products represent are only a small part of the entire product portfolio.

Baumit products meet all the requirements of the domestic and European markets. The quality management system is applied at Baumit Serbia, with all measures for achieving and maintaining the consistent quality of all manufactured and sold products, in accordance with EN ISO 9001.