Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fusion Communication

Digital Is Part Of Our Lives

Although it has achieved many years of successful cooperation with most clients, which grow into partnerships, the Fusion Communication Agency strives to always provide more and more

We want to use everything that science and technology allow today and to share that knowledge with our clients and the whole community. That is our mission, says Nevena Kurtović.

The digital sector demands constant improvements and learning. Will this be one of the trends in the communications field during the year ahead?

– I think we can actually say that the digital sector is not a trend that we have to get on board with, rather it is part of our lives and that train departed many years ago. It’s fast pace and change to the industry is what we have to follow and adapt to handle.

The pandemic, while being one of the biggest challenges we’ve had to face, had many lessons to teach us both privatley and professionally. The changes we need to make, the flexibility and adaptation not just of current or planned campaigns, but of many startegies and communication plans, has challenged us and put things in a different perspective. Yes, it is a trend for sure. However, we need to focus more on the how we communicate, not just where. When you have a why, the how becomes easier.

How did your Direct NEURO research emerge?

– What is crucial is that the most important thing for decision making is to have good insights based on the most relevant data, not rationalisations. The Direct Neuro project covers both marketing and HR and allows us to really have a comprehensive view of the business, so that proposed solutions lead to better decisions and improvements. It also gives us unlimited opportunities to test, analyse, check experiences, phenomena etc.

We have so many channels and lines of communication that it is impossible to keep up. It all depends on how reliable the source is

We have “high end” technology and the highest quality equipment for eye tracking (laboratory and field), EEG, GSR (galvanic skin response), face and voice analysis, while we’ve gathered together an experienced team of neuroscientists who are backed by numerous world research projects.

How has our country “received” Tik-Tok, which is a major newcomer in the marketing industry that differs significantly from Facebook and Instagram?

– Even though there are still no official statistics regarding Tik-Tok, it is more than obvious that it is the social media network that has exploded the most lately. What we do know is that its engaged users are in the young age group (6-18), meaning that they make the ‘Toks’ and comment. There has been a rise in older users post-quarantine. However, they seem to be more passive, in the sense that they are not content creators.

Campaign wise, there is a small number of domestic brands that actually have accounts and create content on Tik-Tok, but we’ve mostly seen influencer campaigns for now. The most popular domestic ‘Tokers’ are more or less high school age, so we can see that the trend is still among the younger population.

Have “murmurings”, half-truths, misinformation and lies about the Coronavirus and vaccines overpowered the truth?

– Any and all misinformation, false news and similar are a danger to the truth. In this day and age we have so many channels and lines of communication that it is impossible to keep up. It all depends on what you read/listen to, where you get your information, how reliable the source is. It has become highly individualised, so answering this in general would be very hard. We would have to first establish the truth and then see whether other information casts a shade on that.

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