Public Call for Proposals for Local Self-Governments

The Norwegian Support to the Western Balkans Development – Norway for You Project aims to contribute to a more balanced socio-economic development in Serbia by increasing employment opportunities, in particular for vulnerable and marginalised groups, supporting social cohesion and improvement of local infrastructure.

The Project will also contribute to the establishment of an information security framework for e-governance in Serbia.

“With this project, we will help those who need it most – unemployed to find work, and local governments to improve their services,” said Ambassador of Norway to Serbia H.E. Arne Bjornstad.

A public call for financing projects for local infrastructure development and training per local action plans for employment has been on 6th November, and for these projects, Norway has allocated millions of euros through the project “Norway for you”.

Through these calls, local governments will be able to compete for Norway funding to finance at least eight projects to improve living conditions and the development of local infrastructure and to provide training for at least 250 vulnerable groups, thus enabling employment for at least 100 people.