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CBS International Choose Property According To International Standards

Choose Property According To International StandardsWhen it comes to selecting a property for life or work, the exterior and interior design is certainly the first thing that draws your attention.

However, technical characteristics shouldn’t be overlooked either. Control, security, selection of material and compliance with legal regulations are elements that every project should address prior to launching construction. Although the selection of construction materials will not enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior, it will undoubtedly contribute to improving the safety and quality of the building. Construction materials are specific – their performance and properties are only evident when they are fully applied. As such, it is desirable to check whether your selected property satisfies certain standards pertaining to the materials and structural elements to be used during construction.

Planning the sequential order of the implementation of works is also an integral part of project documentation that’s defined by special regulations and rules governing construction. Each country has a legally regulated system of standards to be met, which are most commonly harmonised with documented international standards. Skyline Belgrade is positive proof that projects satisfying all European standards also exist in our country. The Skyline project’s investor, AFI Europe, which has been present on the Serbian market since 2005, preceded the commencement of construction works by investing in the preparation of technical-design documentation for the project, which conducted a static analysis of the structural specifications of all objects comprising this residential-commercial complex, on the basis of compliance with internationally applicable rules and standards, such as Eurocode 1 (load standard), Eurocode 2 (standard for concrete), and Eurocode 8 (seismic standard).

When it comes to selecting a property, alongside other factors that you should consider, don’t forget the importance of regulations and standards related to budgeting, or estimates for construction – therefore consult with experienced real estate sales consultants.

Skyline Belgrade, as a complex comprising three towers – a central business tower and two residential towers, will provide its future tenants with quality and safety at the very heart of central Belgrade, on the famous Kneza Miloša Street.

Project investor AFI Europe has been present on the Serbian market since 2005 and has proven with its projects – including the iconic Airport City Belgrade and Central Garden developments – that it is a market leader in terms of architectural and urban-planning achievements. The exclusive sale of apartments has been entrusted to Serbia’s leading real estate consultancy, CBS International, part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group.