Businesses allowed to import masks for employees

Businesses allowed to import masks for employees coronavirus serbia covid19

Businesses operating in Serbia are allowed to purchase masks and protective equipment from foreign markets, regardless of industry, with the aim of protection during the coronavirus pandemic.

Considering a large number of inquiries from both businesses and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and citizens, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has decided to clarify the decision regarding the import of masks and protective equipment, made last week. 

All companies from the territory of the Republic of Serbia can import masks and protective equipment for the needs of protecting the health of their employees. This is allowed with the clear restriction that distribution, sale to third parties or any trade-in such masks and protective equipment is not permitted.

The Government will continue to monitor and listen to the needs of citizens and the economy during the state of emergency and will endeavour to ensure the smooth functioning and, most importantly, the protection of the health of all its citizens in the given circumstances and according to the possibilities.